Sonic Fans Happy That Fang The Sniper Is Back After 27 Years In Superstars

The Sonic Superstars reveal at Summer Game Fest may have heralded the return of 2D Sonic games, but there was one thing that immediately caught the attention of fans: Fang the Sniper is back.

Although he’s made numerous cameo appearances over the years, the trailer hints that Sniper Fang (aka Nack the Weasel) may finally be playing a bigger role, 28 years after his debut.

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The trailer didn’t give us much insight into Fang, only showing his retro ghost-based design as a teaser and even bringing back his flying vehicle, the Marvelous Queen. However, the official website of Superstars confirms that he will be teaming up with Dr. Eggman as one of the main villains in the game, so we’ll probably see an updated 3D look for him for the first time as well.


This little glimpse was enough to send fans into a frenzy, as Fang has long been one of the more obscure characters in the Sonic canon. On Reddit, some pointed out that he already had his iconic pop-gun, while others pointed out that despite his long list of cameos, he had gone decades without being the main focus of the game.

Fang the Sniper is a weasel bounty hunter who has worked with and against Sonic in his various appearances in the games and, more widely, in the comics. A bit more recently, we saw Fang in Sonic Mania, as one of the three bosses in the Mirage Saloon Zone, but that was an illusion created by a robot, not the real thing.

This means that the last time he played any major role was in Sonic the Fighters, which was released way back in 1996. Sonic the Fighters was a 3D fighting game for the Arcade – think Virtua Fighter, but Sonic. Although Fang actually debuted in 1994’s Sonic Triple Trouble for the Game Gear, it was in Fighters that he met his longtime allies Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear.

Fang STF

Interestingly, the connection between Fang, Bark, and Dynamite is much stronger in the comics than in the games, where they only really appeared together in Fighters and Mania. While it’s possible that Bark and Dynamite will appear (and the YouTube description for the trailer mentions “Dr. Eggman (and co)” as the villains), it wouldn’t be entirely unheard of to see Fang as a lone wolf… a weasel.

Sonic Superstars - Announce Trailer 1-36 screenshot

Fang isn’t the only blast from the past coming to Sonic Superstars. The trailer showed classic designs for Knuckles and Amy and marked the return of Classic Sonic and Tales, which were last seen in Sonic Forces. We also saw a refreshed look at Sonic 2’s Emerald Hill and even special pinball-style levels from the first game.

Sonic Superstars comes out this fall.

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