How To Best Play Fenrir In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege consistently changes the meta by adding new operators. Fenrir is a new character for Operation Dread Factor, a support defender that isn’t the most game-changing addition, but can still be useful. For people whose playstyle suits Fenrir’s loadout, you’ll be playing to learn the operator.

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The basis of Fenrir is to blind enemies with his F-NATT Dread Mine gadget. Since you have to activate it yourself, it can take some getting used to as you juggle strategies and kill enemies or not kill yourself. Like any operator, you can be creative or follow the meta of how to play a character. Knowing the basics and some pro level ideas will get you ready to jump into Fenrir’s shoes.



6 Combine with other abilities

Thorn holds his SMG and a Razorbloom trap

Victory in a Siege match depends largely on the correct combination of operators. Having Fenrir on the board on defense means you should have at least one person who can match up well with his Dread Mines. Carrying five, of which up to three can be activated at once, means you can spread out and go with other traps around the map. When you blind someone, they can easily get caught in a Frost mat, run into a Kapkan Explosive Trap, or get flustered and then killed by Thorn’s Razorbloom.

Sometimes it’s not about killing enemies. You can have synergy with Fenrir without trying to kill the other team. Slowing people down can run out time and lead to victory. Teaming up with Melusi will slow and blind people. If you have Clash, it can destroy people while they are blinded and looking for a signal to destroy the Dread Mine.

5 The best load

Fenrir holds his MP7 in House

Choosing the right gear will set you on the right track when playing Fenrir. He has a shotgun as his primary weapon, but you should opt for his SMG, the M97. Its low knockback combined with a flame guard means you’ll be safe on the kill. You get the shotgun accessory by picking up the BALIFF 410 high-powered pistol. You can also use his 5.7 pistol if you want a regular pistol.

Accessories for Fenrir include barbed wire and a bulletproof camera. While barbed wire can slow people down and signal movement to nearby players, a bulletproof camera will be put to better use. You can always see your Dread Mines and find out which one has been activated. The camera will help you narrow down the enemy’s location and can be used by your team when they need to check the cameras. Intel is always one of the best weapons your team can use.

4 Preferred placements of F-NATT

Fenrir's mine under the chair in the House

When not activated, the F-NATT is bulletproof, but when activated, it can be destroyed by ammunition. Since they stick to most surfaces, they can be creatively hidden as long as the radius covers the player’s body. Tight corners, behind objects and under objects are great ways to hide the dreaded mines. While it blinds someone, it signals where they are, but you can slow the person down to find the F-NATT.

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When placing F-NATT Dread Mines, you will want to wait during the preparation phase. Power up and find good spots around the map to use. This strategy allows the enemy to have a better chance of not knowing where you placed the mines. Then activate them later in the round to maintain their presence and reduce the risk of destruction.

3 Know your counters

ash and her symbol, rainbow_six_siege

Be aware of your counters so you can prepare or be mentally prepared for the kill instead of getting a lot of use out of your Dread Mines. The biggest thing about Fenrir’s ability is that even when in bulletproof mode, he can be destroyed by grenades or other explosives carried by Ash or Zofia. Jager can help protect your devices.

Another contraindication is that Brava can hack into your gadgets. Keep an eye out for her signature drone to protect your Dread Mines whenever possible. When they invade, you’ll want to destroy them, as you and your team can limit your views with fog. Whether it’s Mute or looking for drones, you should be able to keep your Dread Mines safe from Bravo.

2 Passive play style

Fenrir is at an angle, looking down the corridor of the House

You can get away with playing Fenrir as an anchor if that suits your playstyle. Since you can see and activate Dread Mines from anywhere, you can rest in place while activating traps. This will allow you to protect the target when using your gadget correctly.

If you stay put, you can get killed when people enter the site and are blinded by your device. By hiding behind corners or using cover, you can jump around and catch a blinded enemy. Just in case someone destroys the Dread Mine, you’ll want to stay hidden, as you might not catch them in time before their blindness wears off.

1 Aggressive style of play

Fenrir looks out the window in the House with a trap set

Fenrir really works as a roamer if you want to have that more aggressive playstyle that puts you in an open spot on the map. Some of the same advice applies, like staying hidden until your trap activates can guarantee a kill.

By wandering around, you can be more aggressive with your gadget placement and how you catch people off guard. Instead of waiting until they hit a point, you can get them when they’re least ready to fight the enemy. Throwing your gadgets out there can lead to handy spawn peaks if you want to be nasty with your strategies.

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