Cathedral Of Light Capstone Dungeon Guide

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  • How to unlock the Cathedral of Light Dungeon

Access Diablo 4 The endgame will require you to finish the campaign and beat the Cathedral of Light dungeon. This dungeon is a test of the effectiveness of your build against some of the toughest boss encounters in the game. Good survivability, damage, and mobility are key to defeating the final boss of this dungeon.

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Beating this dungeon unlocks World Tier 3, a difficulty required to access most of Diablo 4’s endgame content. This guide will show you how to unlock this dungeon and walk you through each encounter, giving you tips on how to beat the high world bosses and the curator. With the right build and some patience, anyone can clear this dungeon.


How to unlock the Cathedral of Light Dungeon

Diablo 4 Cathedral of Light dungeon location

The enemies of this dungeon are set to level 50. Make sure you are at least level 45 before attempting this.

The Cathedral of Light dungeon is unlocked after beating the Diablo 4 campaign. You will then be directed to complete a short task that introduces the Tree of Whispers vendor. Complete ten Grim Favors for the tree and it will tell you where to find the Cathedral of Light dungeon.

You will find the dungeon in Kyovashadwhich is located inside the cathedral at the northern end of the city. You must beat this dungeon on world level 2 to unlock the next world level, so don’t forget to set the difficulty before you start this. You can do this at the statue of Inarius right outside the cathedral.

Reach the high world

Beginning of the Diablo 4 Cathedral of Light dungeon

You will start this dungeon with the objective to collect Animus from slain Revenant Knights. These are the elite mobs that roam the halls of the cathedral, marked with skulls on your minimap. Each knight is accompanied by a small group of serfs. Since this tile set is quite small and has a lot of corridors, it’s a good idea to lure enemies into a tight space before using all of your AoE abilities. Stuns and other crowd control effects work well here.

Slain Elites will drop three mists of energy onto the ground. This is the Animus you seek. Grab any Animus groups they drop and continue clearing out all the Revenant Knights until the objective is complete. Continue moving up through the dungeon to find the High Council.

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High World Boss Fight

Diablo 4 Cathedral of Light Dungeon High World Combat

The high world consists of four enemies that will all attack you at the same time. These enemies include:

  • Holy Doctor: A cleric who performs AoE attacks and boosts other high council members.
  • Grand Inquisitor: A mage who fights at a distance.
  • Mr. Commander: Revenant Knight with above average HP.
  • Dedicated Champion: A knight with a pike that will attack you.

Each enemy behaves the same as the non-boss opponent you just fought on your way to the boss arena. While fighting four enemies at once, they are incredibly easy to stun. If you have any form of crowd control in your build, you can target a single enemy and easily break their drift meter, allowing you to deal more damage.

Focus on the holy doctor first, as this enemy sends out pretty massive AoE attacks. They will usually separate themselves from the other three high council bosses. Get close to them, find a way to stun them and unleash as many attacks as possible. You can fight the other bosses in any order you choose. Kill all four bosses to open the exit portal.

Defeat the Curator

Diablo 4 Cathedral of Light Dungeon Curator Fight

You’ll have to clear one more dungeon before defeating the Cathedral of Light. The cathedral underground must be cleared before you can face the curator boss. Kill every enemy in the dungeon to unlock the boss arena. Hordes of enemies will occasionally spawn above you; have some crowd control skills or be ready when it happens.

The Curator is a version of the Lich boss seen in other dungeons. This lich wields a scythe and is much more aggressive, firing homing projectiles with each attack. Ranged builds will want to maintain their distance, and melee builds will want some form of damage resistance.

Curator can perform five unique attacks:

  1. Area Slash: Releases five waves of energy and deals massive damage.
  2. Area Slash Combo: The boss will disappear and then perform an Area Slash attack three times.
  3. Spirit Domes: Creates small domes of energy that focus on you. If you are caught inside, you will be suppressed.
  4. Minion Spawn: The curator will create a small army of serfs near them.
  5. Bony wall (stages 2 and 3): The curator will create several bone walls in the arena. The boss will eventually channel energy into these bones, causing them to explode.

Each melee attack made by this boss will also create targeted skull projectiles that deal minor damage on contact. In general, you’ll want to have a movement skill or some form of DR to avoid dying to area slash attacks. When you lower the curator’s HP, he will start creating bone walls that are ready to explode. Destroy the bone wall or stay near the center before they explode.

While this fight can be quite grueling, the boss is very easy to stun. Similar to the high world fight, you can stun the boss to open up the damage phase yourself. Just make sure you have a dodge or movement skill ready, as the boss will usually perform an area slash combo as soon as he recovers. Keep your distance, destroy the bone walls when they appear, and with some practice you should be able to kill the Curator. Defeating this boss will complete the Cathedral of Light dungeon and unlock World Level 3.

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