The Strongest Weapons In Don’t Starve Together

Actual starvation is just one of the many ways you can die in Don’t Starve Together, with so many terrifying enemies and terrifying shadows lurking in the world alongside you and your friends. And they will almost always kill you faster than a lack of berries.

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Thankfully, you’ll have a hand-crafted weapon at your disposal to take down these enemies, as long as you have the tools. We’ve gone back through Don’t Starve Together and picked out some of the best Don’t Starve Together weapons in our list below to help you deal with night strikes.

Updated June 9, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: With Don’t Starve Together still as popular as ever after the April 2023 Taking Root update, we’ve returned to our list of the best Don’t Starve Together weapons to give it a little refresh. The weapons included in this Let’s Not Starve Together list will help you survive longer and claim some sweet resources along the way.



10 Spear: Early game standard

10-willow and wilson with spear don't starve together dst best weapons

Recipe for crafting

One rope, one flint and two twigs

How to get it

On the Fight tab in Science Machine

Standard lance is your bread and butter, especially in the early game when your resources are limited – because you can get it all on the first day. But don’t overlook it just because the recipe is simple, as it can hit 150 times and deal a reasonable 34 times the damage.

Not only can you make this yourself with a science machine, but you can also find Britney Spears lying around the world near failed survivor kits. The spear definitely doesn’t do the kind of damage you’d want for a boss fight, so it’s not highly ranked.

9 The Bat Bat: You Can Heal Heal

9-bat bat best weapon don't starve together dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting

One purple gem, two living logs, and three batilisk wings

How to get it

Prototype in Shadow Manipulator

Bat Bat has a lot of conditions, and given the materials needed to make it, it’s not necessarily worth it. Like a vampire bat, this winged weapon will drain the life force of any enemy unlucky enough to get in your way.

It does 42.5 damage (which isn’t much considering the other weapons available from the Shadow Manipulator) and will heal you for 6.8 with each hit. Be careful though, as this will also drain your sanity by 3.4for the same thing if you have anything less than perfect health.

8 Wigfrid’s Warspear: Limited enhancement

8-wigfrid war lance do not starve together dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting

Two flints, two twigs and two gold nuggets

How to get it

Play as Wigfrid

We really hope you like Wigfrid if you like her battle lance because Wigfrid is the only character who can pull this off. But she’ll also spawn into the world with one in her inventory, meaning she won’t need to craft it too often unless it’s crafted as an alternative to someone else’s regular spear.

Deals 42.5 damage and can be used 200 times. Between that and her unique 1.25x damage modifier, Wigfrid is quite the fighter!

7 The Tentacle Spike: Is it worth risking your life?

7-tentacle spike marsh don't starve together weapon dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting


How to get it

Occasional drops from Tentacles

As for weapons, it’s a bit dangerous to find. In the Marsh Biome, an underground drone called Tentacles can appear and shoot out of the swamp to hit players and other mobs. Kiting this beast is difficult, but if left alone with spiders or bosses, they will eventually use up his 500 HP.

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With a 50% chance to drop this weapon every time a Tentacle is killed and 51 damage, the Tentacle Spike is a great early to mid game weapon – if you’re brave enough to go for it.

6 Ham Bat: Meat Fight

6- ham bat wilson let's not starve together dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting

Two twigs, two meats and one pigskin

How to get it

Prototype at Alchemy Engine

As Wilson states upon review, “This seems unsanitary,” and it is. Whether that’s what you want to use your very limited high value food for is up to you, but the Ham Bat will last a lot longer than you might expect.

Meat on the weapon means it’s only good for ten days, but you can use it indefinitely during that time. It deals 59.5 damage, so it’s a great choice to bring into battle when you know your weapon’s durability won’t be an issue. When you’re done, use it to fertilize your berries!

5 The Dark Sword: Devastate Your Sanity

5-dark sword spiders do not starve together dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting

Five nightmare fuel and one live log

How to get it

Prototype it at Shadow Manipulator

Technically, the Dark Sword is the second most powerful weapon in Let’s Not Starve Together and is something of a fan favorite, but we struggle to place it higher on our list due to the high cost of using it.

While your character is wielding a dark sword, your sanity will be absolute falling, at a rather astonishing rate of -20 per minute. And since most boss fights cause you to lose your sanity just for fighting them, you find it more important to keep whatever sanity you can.

4 Glass cutter: the clear choice

4- glass cutter do not starve together dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting

One board and six moon shards

How to get it

Craft it from the Celestial Tab when you are near the Celestial Altar

This glass weapon is definitely difficult to obtain, but its damage matches that of the Dark Sword without the annoying sanity drain, so it’s more than worth it. To craft it, you’ll need to find the Altar of Heaven, so head out to sea and head to Lunar Island.

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What makes Glass Cutter truly worth the nightmare journey is thishe will lose half as much stamina when fighting any of Charlie’s minions (such as Shadow Creatures, Shadow Chess Pieces, or Ancient Fuel Weaver).

3 Morning Star: Wet is dangerous

3 morning star don't starve together dst best weapon

Recipe for crafting

One Volt Goat Horn, two Nitros and two Electrical Doodads

How to get it

Prototype on Alchemy Machine

This shiny weapon normally only deals 43 damage per hit, so why is it special? Not only does it emit a large radius of light, but it also deals 72 damage if your target is wet, making it perfect for exploring caves.

Hitting the Volt Goat with one of these will fill the poor beast up, making farming Electric Milk much easier. However, Morning Star loses durability when actively held, so put it away when not in use to avoid burning it out prematurely.

2 The Thulecite Club: Late-Game Hard-Hitter

2-thulecite club best weapons dst dont starve together

Recipe for crafting

Four Thulecite, four Nightmare Fuel and three Living Logs

How to get it

Craft it when you’re at the Ancient Pseudoscience Station

One great reason to rush through dangerous ruins is to craft a Thulecite Club, because you’ll need to be near a working ancient pseudoscientific machine to craft one. The weapon can never be prototyped, but its unique passiveness sets this club high above the rest.

With each hit, you have a 20 percent chance to spawn a shadow tentacle that helps you attack nearby enemies. Not only that, but it even allows for a ten percent increase in speed!

1 Alarm clock: get old Wanda OP

1-wanda logn shadows dont strave together best weapons dst

Recipe for crafting

Three Time Pieces, eight Nightmare Fuel and four Marble

How to get it

The Clocksmithy Tab (Wanda Exclusive)

Although exclusive to Wanda, this whip-like weapon, when loaded with four Nightmare Fuels, can deal 81 damage – and that’s before factoring in all the bonuses from Wanda’s age (which all have different animations when she uses the weapon).

As Wanda ages, she deals extra damage when using shadow weapons, increasing her alarm clock damage to a staggering 142. Not only that, but the alarm clock can be refilled with extra Nightmare Fuel to keep it from malfunctioning (which you’ll want to do, as the elder Wanda is quite weak herself).

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