How To Unlock The Shrine Of Challenge In Stardew Valley

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  • How to unlock the challenge shrine
  • What does The Shrine Of Challenge do?

It has a lot of late game content Stardew Valley. After the grandfathering is done and the Community Center is finished, there is still a lot of work to do. Once the main story is complete, you have a whole new area to explore called Ginger Island.

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In this guide, we’ll be talking about the Secret Challenge Shrine, which requires you to visit Ginger Island first. Located in the mines north of Pelican City, it will take some time to access this shrine. First, let’s go over all the steps for this.

Updated June 9, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: We’ve added even more information to help you complete Danger in the Deep and unlock the Stardew Valley Challenge Shrine. Now you can quickly find this shrine and get to farming radioactive ore in no time.


How to unlock the challenge shrine

player talking to Mr. Qi in Qi's walnut room
via Dong Niang/Steam

To unlock the Challenge Shrine, you’ll need to talk to Mr. Qi Qi’s walnut room. If you’re new to your Stardew Valley journey, this might sound out of reach. It will take a while to get here.

First you will have to complete the Community Center and repair the boat to Ginger Island. Once you’re on Ginger Island, you’ll have to you get 100 golden nuts. With walnuts in hand, visit Qi’s Walnut Room located on the left side of Ginger Island Farm (above Birdie’s Shack).

Inside Qi’s walnut room

Qi's Special Orders Committee

Once you have access to Qi’s Walnut Room, you will be able to view the special order board. Two new tasks will be added to the board every week. They are difficult, but they bring great rewards.

The challenge shrine will be unlocked after this completing the Danger In The Deep special order. After accepting this quest, the elevator in the mines north of Pelican City will be reset and you will only have seven days to reach the bottom of the mines. There will also be ‘new hazards’ added which will make this quest a bit more difficult.

Danger in the deep

This quest requires some preparation – make sure you have powerful weapons and a supply of food. You can use the staircase (made with 99 stones) during this quest, so don’t be afraid to skip any floor you find too difficult. In general, you should bring rocks/stairs, food, and bombs.

Once you reach floor 120 within seven days, you will complete the quest. The reward is 50 Qi Gems and access to the Challenge Shrine. The shrine will be at the bottom of the mines.

What does The Shrine Of Challenge do?

a shrine of challenge at the bottom of the mountain mines

This shrine will increase the difficulty of the mines and make them more dangerous, with stronger enemies. The challenge shrine, located on floor 120, is basically a switch. The first time you interact with the shrine, you will switch the mines to ‘dangerous’.

This will take effect the next day, so you have to wait until you can go through the dangerous version of the mines.

In addition, the sanctuary will only affect the mines in the mountain area. If you have the Wilderness Farm map, it will not affect the monsters that spawn there.

Dangerous mode includes new enemies, which you can find below. Besides these enemies, you’ll find dangerous versions of enemies that usually spawn in mines.

Changing the mines back to normal

Mines can be returned to normal mode. This is useful if you want to head downstairs to do something farming resources instead of killing monsters.

To change mines back to normal is all you have to do to communicate with the shrine again. Mr. Qi’s original quest resets the elevator, but it will remain the same whenever you interact with the challenge shrine.

Rewards and loot

the player holding the radioactive ore in the back of the house
via Nico Kun!/Steam

When you toggle the Shrine of Challenge to make the mines more dangerous, you can find new items.

When the shrine is active, you will be able to find radioactive nodes. These are nodes that will reward you with radioactive ore. Along with the ore, there are some new items that drop from enemies while the Challenge Shrine is activated. Check out the new drops you can find below.

Except for the iridium needle, all of these items can also be obtained outside of the mines in dangerous mode. These are just new additions to the list of all possible mine drops.

Radioactive ore

Stardew Valley Hopper

One of the main reasons to venture into the dangerous version of Mines is this extraction of radioactive ore. Like other types of ores, you can sniff five of them with one piece of coal to get a radioactive tile. This process will take about nine in-game hours.

Below you can see all the recipes that use radioactive ore and rods.

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