Best Party And Job Setups In Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza: Like a Dragon lets you take on the legends of the Yakuza world, but you won’t have to do it alone. Ichiban Kasuga’s strong group of friends are ready to help him fight the toughest bosses, dungeons and construction equipment the world can throw at him.

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While each member of the group brings their own unique tools, skills and flair, certain individuals stand out as the best members of the group in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. You need to combine their abilities in the right balance to form the best party composition for your situation. No matter how far along you are in the game, there are great party compositions available.


How to arrange and train your party

Party edit screen with Ichiban and his crew in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

First, if you want to edit your party, enter the menu and scroll to the “Entertainment” option to display the editing screen.

From here you will have a complete visual overview of your current group members and can check a a full list of their stats and available job skills.

List of stats for Ichiban and his gang in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

You will notice two numbers next to your character: he the left is your rank, right under the job symbol while your general level is on the right sideclose to your MP and HP.

Each team member is a valuable part of your team and should be appropriately senior to ensure they know all the right skills.

Change the jobs of your party members to learn different ones elementary skills.

Male characters can learn elemental skills from Host (ice), Foreman (Fire) and The seer (Electrical) jobs.

Female characters can learn elemental skills from Hostess (ice) and queen of the night (Firefighting) jobs.

He has every job two skills which can be used regardless of your job. Check Work skills and find these marked with a red bubble. You have to reach the required work level to unlock the skill.

Leveling up your party members to give them access to most skills is the best way to improve their power.

Furthermore leveling up other jobs will give you permanent stat boostsso it’s more than just acquiring a few skills.

Who are the best party members?

Yakuza Like A Dragon - Full squad ready to fight

Your party is constantly expanding in Like A Dragon, so you may not have access to all party members if you haven’t completed the game.

The final member of the party will be Zhaoso know that once unlock it in Chapter 11you will have a complete list.

Eri KamatakI am a secret member of the party who can be unlocked by playing the Ichiban Confections minigamelocated west of Isezaki Ijincho, north of Hamako’s Bar.

When you gather the whole group, get to know these characters in particularas they will be very useful.

Saeko Mukoda

Yakuze as a dragon - Saeko as an idol holding her microphone

  • Recommended work: role model
  • Best Skill: Lovedrunk Typhoon

Saeko is your permanent healer and can even relieve his enemies. Her Lovedrunk Typhoon lowers the defense of all enemies and has a chance to charm them.

Her work should focus on the healing of the client before anything else. Her attacks can deliver a surprise blow, especially her hostess skill, Ice Spreader.

Tianyou Zhao

Tianyou Zhao sits on a chair in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

  • Recommended work: Gangster
  • Best Skill: The essence of ladder acrobatics

Zhao is arguably the toughest character in the game, competing with Joon-gi Han for that title.

Unfortunately, he is very weak, but his attacks are extremely powerful, especially his Essence of Ladder Acrobatics that targets all enemies and can knock out the last hit.

He learns fire skills naturally, but he benefits greatly from it An extraordinary prediction (Electrical Skill, Fortune Teller).

Joon-gi Han

Joon-gi Han stares ahead with a slight smile in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

  • Recommended work: Hitman
  • Best Skill: The essence of Phantom Drive

Joon-gi Han and Zhao are somewhat alike in their glass cannon roles, but Joon-gi Han offers access to Bullet and Blade skills.

He also benefits from learning all elemental skills due to his high mage status. His variety of power attacks and masturbation makes Joon-gi Han a must-have member of the group.

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What is the best lineup for a party?

Ichiban takes a selfie with Joon-gi Han, Saeko and Zhao behind him in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

The best composition for partying in Yakuza: Like A Dragon will depend entirely on the activities you will be using them for. however Ichiban should always have a hero taskbecause it is simply that much better than the alternatives.

Some party members are an excellent choice for early farming or fights quick battles while others excel in slower, longer fights.

The best fun in the early games

Yakuza stands with Eri, Nanba and Saeka in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Party member


Eri Kamataki

A merchant or clerk



Saeko Mukoda

role model

This party is excellent in the first half but it requires you to work hard to get Eri. This won’t take long though, as the mini-game is fairly easy.

  • Eri will focus on physical attacks with her Darts Airstrike (dealer) or Thumbtack Scatter (clerk). Has access to skills that hit one target or all; use it to clear stronger enemies.
  • Nanba will be a wizard groups and can clear out large groups with his Essence of Pyro Prison or focus on area attacks with his breath skills.
  • Saeko takes on the role of an idol to heal you and hinder your enemies. She’s such an important character that her flexibility and healing make her worth keeping in your party forever.

The best offensive entertainment

Ichiban stands with Nanba, Zhao and Joon-gi Han in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Party member



Homeless or Fortune Teller

Joon-gi Han


Tianyou Zhao


This party is all about attacking and nothing else. It is best to use them when you are too high and revisit the Yokohama Underground Dungeon or somewhere else to experience the farm.

  • Nanba will handle Area of ​​Effect (AoE) skills. for dealing with larger groups of enemies, thinning the crowd and weakening any survivors.
  • Joon-gi Han and Zhao are here to mop the floor with all who survive the Nanbe attacks.
    • Joon-gi Han will usually go first due to his high basic skillso you can choose to make it focus on one enemy or attack them all to make cleaning easier for your team.

The ultimate end game party

Ichiban stands with Joon-gi Han, Saeka and Zhao in Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

Party member


Saeko Mukoda

role model

Joon-gi Han


Tianyou Zhao


Simply put, this is Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s best fun ever, with access to immense power, healing, status influence and more.

Investing the time to level up each member to learn all the elemental skills will set the stage for creating the strongest party in the game.

An ideal fight will look something like this:

  1. Turn one: Joon-gi Han uses an elemental attack like Fulminating Forecast to weaken the crowd.
  2. Second plant: Zhao uses Essence of Ladder Acrobatics to further decimate the enemy’s HP.
  3. Wrap three (if necessary): Saeko uses Lovedrunk Typhoon or heals the party if you were hit.
  4. Turn four: Ichiban finishes the stragglers.

Even against the ultimate challenge, the True Final Millenium Tower, most battles will play out exactly like this, although there will be exceptions due to randomness (RNG).

In these cases, rely on it to keep your client aliveas Saeko does a great job of keeping your party healthy, that is powerful attackers can take control of every encounter.

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