Mobile Legends is getting a main user interface (UI) revamp in its latest update

As we all know that Renovation of the emblem is still ongoing in Advanced serverwere taken up by the developers Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official social media to give us some teasers about the upcoming Main User interface (UI) overhaul..

The Overhaul of the main user interface would represent a change in Appearance of the main screen as well as optimizing some UI systems to make the game more valuable to players. So without delay let’s see more information about this amazing update that is coming.

The developers’ reasons for overhauling the main user interface (UI) in Mobile Legends

Player opinions

The developers said that some players have suggested that the main interface deserves an overhaul with each new season or first version of the game. This would bring more uniqueness to each season or debut version of the game. Additionally, Moonton went further and told us that they would even prefer if the background of the main UI was themed with the latest release of the hero.

Interface optimizations

The developers expect to use the main UI overhaul to optimize the game and make the main interface less cluttered and easier for players to access certain features.

Heroes in the spotlight

Another reason given by the developers was the Heroes, since the release of Ixie there are a total of 121 heroes on the advanced server in MLBB. What’s more, players from MOBA games pay a lot of attention to different heroes or playable characters in the game. With that in mind, the developers plan to give every newly released hero a chance to be in the spotlight. Therefore, when revamped, every newly released hero would be displayed on the main interface.

The main reasons for the UI overhaul are further simplified into three simple points

  • Simplicity: Game developers intend to make the main user interface as simple as possible. Developers also consider hiding or bundling non-essential features. These hidden or translated non-essential features would be easily accessed by players whenever they needed to access them.
  • Heroes: As stated above, the developers plan to allow all newly released heroes to stand on the main interface upon in-game release. This would also allow more players to easily familiarize themselves with the new hero. The developers also plan to add a proper theme song and various other additional content when the new hero is released.
  • Implementation: With many changes coming alongside Revamp, it seems that most players with low-end devices are worried about whether the game will still run smoothly on their device. However, the developers have allayed all fears and told us that despite the many upcoming changes, the game will still run even smoother on low-end devices.
Mobile Legends UI overhaul
Image via MOONTON Games

It should be noted that the developers started planning the strategy for the main interface overhaul as early as December 2021. While preparing some changes and optimizations, the developers finally made some final adjustments to come up with a new main interface design in April. 2023.

Mobile Legends UI overhaul
Image via MOONTON Games

This new design really looks quite cool and nice as the interface functions are arranged in a more unique order, we are looking forward to the new heroes in the main UI whenever it is released.

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