Hidden Details In The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Trailer

If anything is getting the fanbase excited, it’s Square Enix’s gameplay reveal. While it constantly seems like another Final Fantasy game will be released, with FF16 just around the corner and FF7 Rebirth just a few short months later, there’s still time to celebrate.

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With the latest trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth now available, it’s fair to say that people are scrutinizing every little detail of the trailer. The original game already happily played with your expectations of the story, and this new trailer already has plenty of hints you might have missed.



7 Another alternate timeline

Clouds of smoke from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth drifting across the destroyed sectors of Midgar

Right from the start of the trailer, we’re hit with entire sectors of Midgar in ruins and many of our beloved heroes being dragged away unconscious in helicopters. Wait a minute, the last game didn’t end like that! In fact, not even the original game featured such a segment.

Does this lead to the idea of ​​another timeline that would branch off from the original? There is no indication that Cloud is present, so it could be that this is the same timeline we see at the end of FF7 Remake where Zack survives together with Cloud. This would explain why he is not there and for the dramatically changed events.

6 Return of Chocobo Breeding

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Cloud walks into a Chocobo farm with a large barn

One of the two mascots of the Final Fantasy series, you’d be hard-pressed to find a game in the series without Chocobos. The original Final Fantasy 7 was obsessed with feathered creatures and allowed you to breed them to create the perfect Chocobo of your dreams.

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The trailer itself has a lot of Chocobos that can seemingly be summoned on command. What you might have missed was Cloud walking right into the Chocobo Farm, massively expanded. Could this be a sign that we might be seeing the return of Chocobo breeding in all its deep, complex glory? We hope so.

5 Open world

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa are walking in a large open field

‘Open world’ is an interesting term for Final Fantasy games. Many would call Final Fantasy 15 the first open-world entry in the series, but many of the PS1 and previous entries featured a massive overworld that you could explore at your own pace. Even the original FF7 featured one.

Well, it looks like Square Enix has decided to bring this pair together. Although not exactly confirmed, their own description of exploring a vast world mixed with the open field and expanded compass shown in the trailer seems to point to a fully open world for the second entry in the remake project.

4 Group attacks

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Yuffie rides on Order XIII to perform a group attack from the air

Fun tactics have always been at the heart of Final Fantasy. Party composition was all that determined your strengths and weaknesses. The original FF7 had its own ways of showing this, with unique limitation restrictions that gave each character certain abilities and chose their position in battle.

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While the combat and switching between characters was one of the most popular aspects of the original Remake, Rebirth seems to go even further. Party members can now synergize even more and can activate joint group attacks that unleash devastating damage.

3 Expanded Mythril Mine

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Cloud, Aerith and Barret run through the expanded Mythril Mine

In the original Final Fantasy 7, the party first goes to Kalm after escaping Midgar. Here they introduce everyone to their knowledge, especially of Sephiroth and Nibelheim. They then head to the Mythril Mines to track him down, but are stopped by various beasts and even the Turks.

In Rebirth, some of these seem to have been changed and even expanded. First, the Turks get into a fight with the group after introducing Elena. Elsewhere, we see that Red XIII and Barret have been separated from the group and are getting into some battles of their own. The Mithril Caves are an important first step into greater Gaia, so it will be interesting to see what liberties they take here.

2 Sephiroth’s wrong instructions

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Tifa falls back in the Nibelheim reactor after being attacked by Sephiroth

Sephiroth has developed quite a reputation in the decades since his original debut in 1997. Many people portray him as irrationally obsessed with Cloud, as if the two are inextricably linked. Even Kingdom Hearts features this rendition of Sephiroth and Cloud, though in the original FF7 Cloud is nothing more than a fascinating one-winged angel anomaly.

Well, in the Remake, Sephiroth is obsessed with Cloud, although this time it seems to be specifically because he is aware of his actions from the original FF7. It’s meta and hard to wrap your head around, but it makes sense. Rebirth seems to go even deeper and twist Cloud and Tifa’s corrupted memories even further. In the trailer, we see Sephiroth slashing Tifa while discussing how he killed her. But he doesn’t mention her by name, so who is “she”? Sephiroth knows a lot more about what’s going on than anyone else, and he knows it.

1 Two discs

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth release date screen on a black background with

Being the grand finale of Summer Game Fest, it’s fair to say that you may have missed some details from the trailer that might have seemed obvious in hindsight. It was a big reveal, even if it was partly expected. While Rebirth seems to expand on both the original game and its predecessor, it also has some perhaps unwanted hints.

At the very end, when the updated release date was revealed, there was also a slightly smaller “2-disc” one that you may have missed, just like the original. Now, there’s always the possibility that the game is simply huge and really requires that much space. Cool if so! It’s more likely to put a heavy strain on your storage, which could be a more compact package.

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