How To Customize Your Cell And Character In The Outlast Trials

When you start for the first time The Outlast Trials, you can customize your character’s appearance. Once you finish the tutorial, there are even more customization options in the game. The Outlast Trials differs from its predecessors. The game doesn’t tell someone else’s story, it tells the story of your character and many others like you.

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Red Barrel wanted players to feel included. You can buy and unlock different things to make your character and their living spaces unique to you. Below is a detailed guide on how to fully customize your character and cell.

Update June 8, 2023 by Sharnelle Earle: There are tons of new things to unlock as you progress through the game and eventually become Reborn. Some customization openings are locked and only accessible by completing a specific trial. The information in this article is subject to change as The Outlast Trials is currently in Early Access Season 1. We hope to see even more customization options as the game grows.


Customizing your character

Outlast trials menu for customizing genetic predisposition traits

You can change your look in The Outlast Trials again by the author which is headed to your cell block. After the tutorial, you’ll be placed in a lobby full of other players. This prison block is the main lobby that you will be thrown into with other random players. There is a special cell for each person.

If you’ve wandered off and can’t remember which room is yours, there will be a point in the world that will lead you to your room.

There is a bed and two other points for an engineer and a pharmacist. Your username will be above your cell.

There is a sink in your cell. Interaction with the mirror above it to access character customization. You can change your race, hair and voice again in this menu.

Some other customization options were not available at the beginning of the game. You can now change your outfit, player icon and gear appearance.

There are some presets like different shades of shirts or glasses, but anything else has to be unlocked and purchased.

Icons and new tops or bottoms are unlocked by progressing and completing challenging challenges.

When new items are unlocked in the character customization menu, you have to buy them for equipment.

Purchase more options

Some items in the character customization menu will cost 100 coins. Special items, such as a unique shirt, can be as high as 500 coins. In this menu you will also find “outfits” which cost 10,000 coins.

Leveling up and completing trials will reward you with 1000 coins each timeso you can save pretty quickly if you enjoy the game.

New and unlocked character customization options will cost regular currency. These will be the yellow coins you see next to your name in the upper right corner of the screen. You can earn money by completing trials and progressing.

Reborn dresses

survive the trials of the legendary suit in the customization menu

You may have noticed these really cool outfits in the appearance customization menu that are locked. They cannot be accessed until you become reborn. Becoming reborn takes a lot of hard work. Basically you have to beat the game absolutely to do it.

This means completing every challenge within every program, including Program X. Only when you reach the final mission and become a new character will you be able to unlock these outfits and show them off to everyone.

Customizing your cell

survive the trials of the room of red cells and the room of green cells

You’ve probably noticed that other people’s rooms look much cooler than yours. To change this, go to your cell and interaction with your bed to start customizing the interior of your cell.

There will be options for wallpaper, flooring, bedding colors, and items to place on the dresser.

Everything in the interior customization menu will cost money. As with character customization; you will be able to unlock new items like new backgrounds and posters as you progress and play through the game.

Items in the cell customization menu that are available and do not need to be unlocked will be each cost 100 coins. Completing a trial or leveling up will bring in a lot of money for customizations.

It is worth noting that after completing the entire program, you will receive special rewards associated with this program. For example, by completing every single challenge and trial in the 1 Police Station program, you will receive a police station decoration statue and a Leland Coyle poster.

also If you complete each program and become Reborn, you will receive gold decorations.

There is no added benefit to customizing your character or cell other than creating individualism and standing out from the crowd. Regular currency is used only for customizationso you can spend it however you want.

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