Where To Find The Bamitok Shrine In Tears Of The Kingdom

Bamitok Shrine is the shrine of Rauru’s blessing in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm. It can be found in Mount Dunsel Cave, located in northeastern Necluda. The shrine is underground, meaning you’ll need to find one of the two cave entrances to get to it.

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If you want to find the cave easily, you should consider activating the Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower to reveal this part of the map. The cave itself is north of the village of Lurelin and Gama Bay. Dunsel Cave is a huge underground system, so it’s easy to get lost trying to find the Bamitok Shrine.


Where to find Bamitok Shrine

To find the shrine, you’ll need to head to Mount Dunsel Cave. To get to the cave, you will have to swim across the pond, which will take about one bar of stamina, unless you make a raft or dive from a higher peak.

Access from these coordinates: 3288, -3367, 0066. There is a small pond and an opening in the rocks that lead you into a cave.

The shrine is hidden deep in Mount Dunselbut we will guide you on which paths to choose.

The Bamitok shrine itself is a Rauru’s blessing-type shrinemeaning you won’t have to solve any puzzles in there, just grab the treasure and your Blessing of Light and get out of there.

Go into the cave from the water and follow the path. You will come across a Horroblin in the first room. Kill him and follow the path around to your left.

Head down the small hill and you’ll encounter two shocking likes hanging from the ceiling.

You can kill these two or just run past them, you don’t have to hang out in this room.

After passing the second Shock Like, follow the path around until you reach the next room. There is a a small pond at the bottom and a ledge higher above it.

Jump into the pond and move to the right to return to land. Grab the wooden plank nearby and set it to water under the overhang edge above. Use Ascend to get higher.

There is a chest up here with the shield of the royal guard in It will be behind you when you use Ascend to level up.

Continue along the path and you will see two more Like Likes.

Bamitok Shrine is right behind them, so either kill them both or run past them when they spit rocks at you.

Go to the shrine and grab the chest. In the chest you will get a Big Battery Zonai device for your problems.

As far as chest rewards go, this one isn’t too bad. As always, go up the stairs in front and interaction with runes to get well deserved Blessing of Light.

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