Which Outfits Are Better In Street Fighter 6?

Costumes are an expected and welcome staple of the Street Fighter series, allowing players to express themselves through their favorite characters. Street Fighter 6 continues this trend by giving all 18 characters a different outfit, with veterans getting their classic outfit and newcomers getting brand new threads.

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While the choice is more than welcome, some outfits shine a lot more than others, while some will leave you struggling to pick which one you prefer and want to rock while you’re online bashing others. That being said, almost every outfit in Street Fighter 6 is worth acquiring and wearing, especially if you’re a seasoned veteran of the series.



18 white


Blanka runs things and is one of the few characters that gets the least amount of changes when comparing his new Outfit to the Classic one we all know and love. Still, any additions are welcome as they bring more life and personality to this popular fighter.

The yellow bandana, jumpsuit, and styled hairdo make Blanka look better than ever, giving us a more modern outfit than her tried and true classic.

17 Cammy


Cammy is next in line and is tricky as both of her outfits have minor issues that could elevate one over the other. Her classic outfit is iconic and loved by many, but is far less practical than most other fighters.

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Still, her modern outfit has a giant Union Jack on the back of her short jacket, and the rest of her look is outstanding. She can be shocking to many, while others will be heavily on one side, making us lean slightly towards her more iconic look and favor her.

16 Chun Li


Next up is the one and only Chun-Li, one of the most important characters in fighting games and beyond, who comes in hot by killing it with her modern and classic outfits. While her classic is even more iconic than Cammy’s, her modern is sleek and stunning.

Chun-Li has lived a long and rich life in Street Fighter, and her new look perfectly sums up her current lifestyle and ambitions. Her classics are still great for all time, but the elegance and execution of her modern outfit is too good to pass up.

15 Dee Jay


Dee Jay is probably the character most influenced by his modern outfit, which gave him floating dreadlocks and a headband to manage them, along with an aloha shirt that was reworked into a tank top and stylized pants, giving him more personality than ever before.

His appearance in previous titles wasn’t necessarily bad, but his Modern outfit puts his Classic outfit to shame. This one isn’t even close, and Dee Jay’s glow is more than enough proof for our case.

14 Dhalsim


Dhalsim is another character that has received minor but much-needed changes that have positively changed his overall appearance. He now has a long, curling white beard, wears a necklace of rings instead of skulls, and ditches his saffron shorts for a sarong.

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All in all, Dhalsim’s classic design wasn’t terrible. However, Dhalsim, like most Street Fighter characters, was made up of many stereotypes. While he’s not an offensive character by any means, we’re just glad he touched on Dhalsim in a meaningful way.

13 E. Honda


E. Honda’s mawashi with white and blue fingers is the most iconic, but the yukata he receives with his Modern outfit is phenomenal, making the competition fierce. Overall, both outfits let you see how much of an absolute unit he is by showing off his incredible strength and height.

There’s a lot to love about both of E. Honda’s outfits in Street Fighter 6, but we think his modern just barely beats the classic, mostly because of how sleek and form-fitting the yukata fits him.

12 Trickery


Guile is another powerful character in the Street Fighter series, and who hasn’t seen him in his iconic olive green tank top paired with dog tag, camouflage pants, and massive arms? Sure, Guile’s new Airforce Jumper is cool and all, but who are we kidding here?

The winner here is undoubtedly Guile’s Classic Outfit and there is simply no competition between the two. It’s simple but very effective and will be what everyone imagines Guile will wear for the rest of time, no matter how good his other outfits have looked over the years.

11 Jamie


Jamie is our first new character in the group, but he also receives two outfits that we can compare against each other just like the rest. His default gear is a yellow wushu uniform that has been modified into a tank top with a capoeira belt that secures his gourd.

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Jamie’s alternate outfit, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to the Gore-Tex jacket George Constanza wore in an episode of Seinfeld, making it the smaller of the two. Seriously, his second outfit is much less stylish than the first. It’s wild.

10 JP


JP is another new character to grace the Street Fighter 6 roster, but he has a fantastic sense of fashion. His default outfit is a bright red vest and pants combo, with a white shirt underneath, along with a cape, staff, and white shoes to help tie it all together.

While this would have won under any other circumstances, his alternate outfit is somehow even better as he has a dark purple suit with a white coat and fedora, complete with a long red scarf that shows just how impeccable style this guy is.

9 Yuri


Juri has been a fan favorite character for what seems like forever in Street Fighter, making her classic outfit even more iconic and memorable than ever. Still, there’s a lot to like about her Modern outfit, making this another tough competition.

Her biker aesthetic has slowly receded over the years, making the collared leather outfit of her classic dress fit her character well even today. Her new look is also amazing, but lacks the impact that her original design brought to the table many years ago.

8 Ken


Ken has been through a lot over the years and his Modern outfit is just a glimpse into that window. As much as we’d like to scoff at the fact that his new outfit competes with his classic bright red gi, it’s not even close and surpasses it in every possible way.

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His new look is greyed out, battered and incredibly different from what you know and love, but seeing him back in his red gi over a classic suit is like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket in winter. It is warm, welcoming and homely.

7 Kimberly


Kimberly is another new character in the game and she brings the heat with both of her outfits, making her one of the most stylish characters in the entire series. The jet black leggings, bright red puffer and yellow ascot of her default outfit are downright stunning.

But her alternate outfit is also great, giving her a more late 80’s early 90’s hip hop look with her bright red hammer pants, tennis hat, purple ascot and wrist wraps. While she captures both, we have to give it to her alternate outfit here.

6 Lily


Moving on to the other new character introduced in Street Fighter 6, we have Lily, a character that fans may be familiar with if they’ve played previous games in the series. Her default outfit consists of a blue and white poncho, ripped red shorts, and boots, which is a great overall design.

However, her alternative outfit is a stylish and cozy orange and teal Baja jacket, expertly teamed with long boots and embellished pogamoggans designed to look like a bird, making her the undisputed leader. Both outfits are solid, but her alternate one is executed a bit more effectively.

5 Luka


Since he was introduced as the final character of Street Fighter 5, Luke has always been somewhat of a controversial character, and that has carried over somewhat into Street Fighter 6. However, today we’re only focusing on his two outfits.

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Overall, we think Luke missed the mark with both outfits, but we much prefer his alternate simply because the colors blend together better and rock the hat look back quite nicely. Regardless, Luke has the worst fashion sense of all the characters…

4 Manon


Manon is one of the best newcomers in Street Fighter 6, and her fashion is just as strong, especially her alternate outfit. While her default look is still awesome showing off her gold medal and blue tank top and gi, her extra outfit is probably the best in the game.

Her alternate outfit features designer shades, a puffy jacket with pink and black feathers, chic black cylinder leggings complete with a tutu, and pink high heels to bring it all home. This dress is stunning from top to bottom and is an obvious choice.

3 Marisa


Our final new Street Fighter 6 character is Marisa, an unusually strong and incredibly powerful jewelry designer who battles actual lions in the Colosseum. Her default attire is similar to Spartan gear, such as her cingulum militare shorts and black and gold sports bra.

Marisa’s alternate outfit, however, is a clear nod to Urien, who fans will recognize almost the moment they first see him. The green and red fabric, over a white striped coat and black shirt looks phenomenal on her, and her stylish glasses also bring home the win.

2 Ryu


You can’t get more iconic than Ryu’s white gi and red headband, but you can get something better if you try hard enough. And 36 years later, we may finally have something to match or even surpass the OG’s all-time classic look, even if it’s starting to show its age.

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Ryu’s new, grizzled look with his sturdy beard and new mane makes him look awesome and better than he’s ever been. While we still love his classic look, we can’t go back to him going beardless even if we tried, and his new outfit is just rockin’ all the way.

1 Zangief


Last but not least, Street Fighter 6’s tough guy Zangief is wearing red and white wrestling pants for his Modern outfit and his iconic red and yellow wrestling pants for his Classic outfit.

His new look is great, but there’s no way we’d recommend it over his classic outfit, especially after seeing all the severe wounds on his legs from his time handling bears and how muscular his thighs are. Like, come on, how could you not prefer his classic outfit?

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