Witcher Fans Are Angry About Season 3’s Costumes Again

Ever since it was announced that Henry Cavill’s Geralt actor would be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in The Wizard season 4, fans of the series have been extremely hard to please, as they are angry that the show is straying too far from the source material and claim that Netflix is ​​doing its best he tries his best to destroy everything. For example, when the first trailer for Season 3 aired, there was a big uproar over one of Yennefer’s costumes, with many claiming it had a “seventh grade math teacher” vibe.

Those who tuned in to Summer Game Fest yesterday will know that the extended trailer for Season 3 was revealed, and fans are somehow even less excited, as the entire cast is in the firing line this time around. One fan says that Yennefer’s “wig, costumes, and contacts look terrible this season,” and most people take issue with her costume at 1 minute and 4 seconds, saying it’s something Yennefer wouldn’t wear in the books and that she actually makes fun of other people who wear such things.


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In fact, Geralt catches a few stray bullets in this scene as well, as many fans also think his outfit is a bit too “H&M” for the series. They’ve even gone so far as to look for eerily similar clothing at actual retailers, dubbing our favorite Witcher “Geralt ‘add to cart’ Rivia” and “Geralt of Amazon”. To be fair, he travels around killing monsters, so fashion probably isn’t the first thing on his mind at the best of times.

If you’re wondering if Jaskier and Ciri were left out of this controversial costume kafuffle, they also caught the attention of the Witcher faithful. In particular, u/NoraMonkey wants to know who decided to give Jaskier a haircut that makes his forehead look absolutely massive, with many claiming that his “hairstyle is just awful” and that it was in seasons 1 and 2 much better. Ciri is also being pulled , though many seem to be only bothered by her contacts rather than the actual outfits.

As you might have guessed, the backlash to this new trailer also sparked further calls for a boycott among Witcher fans, with some attempting to institute a “total Netflix Witcher blackout” on the series’ subreddit. It probably won’t affect Netflix in the slightest, but it’s another sign that fans of the series are pretty fed up with the direction the show is going, and that it’s probably better to just let it go altogether if it continues to struggle to please fans. and critics.

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