How To Defeat Ravenous Reach In Darkest Dungeon 2

The fourth confession in Darkest Dungeon 2, Ambition, opposes players who reach the mountain, Ravenous Reach. This clingy monster is undoubtedly the easiest final boss in the game, but that doesn’t mean the fight will be easy!

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Ravenous Reach can deal a lot of damage quickly, but it telegraphs its attacks to give you time to prepare. With the right skills to fight off the boss onslaught, you can turn the tables and clear the way to the final confession of the game. Read on to find out how you can beat the Ravenous Reach!

First phase

the first stage of the greedy boss reach in Darkest Dungeon 2

Ravenous Reach has three forms, each slightly stronger than the last. The first form has 65 HP and a nonsensical attack pattern; uses Falling back to the frontmost hero, dealing a heavy blow to him and throwing him to the back of your formation. His last action of each round is normal An ideawhich causes stress on the hero and fills the boss with Block+ tokens.


Set your own blocking tokens to reduce the amount of damage Setback takes. The main obstacle in this phase is the Block+ tokens which reduce the damage the boss takes from attacks by three quarters. Try to use skills like Highwayman has Highway robbery or lepers Breakdown to remove all tokens at once, clearing the way for full damage on subsequent attacks.

Attacks that use vulnerability tokens can also be used to deny blocking tokens

Block does not affect Blight, Burn and Bleed damage, so it is another strategy charge the boss with these effects and let the HP drain over time. When Ravenous Reach’s HP reaches zero, it will regenerate and enter the second phase.

The second phase

the second stage of the greedy boss fight in the darkest dungeon 2

Another form of Ravenous Reach generally deals less damage, but attacks more aggressively and causes heroes to bleed. His own resistances are quite strong, so you may have trouble coming back with your own damage effects over time. It’s not impossible though, so don’t give up on solid attacks like that Cut or To punish just because their effects may not last!

Ravenous Reach starts the second phase by tagging two heroes The exact purpose. These heroes will soon be targeted Teardown, dealing a small amount of damage to them while causing them to bleed. Be prepared with bandages or skills that can stop the bleeding like Runaway’s CauterizeVestal girls Ministries, or the Battlefield Medicine plague doctor. It’s also a good idea to boost your Heroes z bleed resistance at the start of the phase One of prevention or Hardening powders.

You can’t redirect Teardown via Taunt because of the tag from Precise Intent, but the attack can still miss due to Blind or Dodge. Use a combination of these effects to protect your heroes.

As long as you can keep the Bleed damage from getting out of hand, the second phase of the fight is fairly easy. Use this to your advantage, HP and stress recovery as best as possible before draining the last 75 HP and triggering the final transformation.

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The third phase

the third phase of the fight with the greedy boss in the darkest dungeon 2

When it reaches its third and final form, Ravenous Reach stops lingering. Topped off with a fresh 100 HP, it begins casting Rumination, causing horror and gore to several heroes. Keep an eye on your heroes’ stress levels, as a sudden breakdown can reduce their HP and make them extremely vulnerable to attacks.

When you build your team with Rumination, Ravenous Reach unleashes its ultimate attack, Last Grasp. This attack hits your entire team – usually for about 20 to 25 damage each – and restores some of the boss’s HP. As long as you keep up with the damage, you can easily outrun the boss’s healing factor, but if the fight starts to slip away from you, Reach’s recovery can be a problem.

Last Grasp also gives Ravenous Reach Riposte tokens, making every attack risky given all the damage you’ll take. Clear Riposte tokens with the aforementioned Highway Robbery or Man-At-Arms’ Belowor use Blind and Dodge to avoid the boss’s retaliatory attacks.

The boss’s third form also lowers his damage, bleed, and burn resistance back to reasonable levels, so you can more reliably inflict them on him.

At the end of the day, this fight is about managing Ravenous Reach buffs. As long as you can beat his defenses, Ravenous Reach isn’t much of a threat to a well-equipped party. Best of all, this boss has it no death blow resistance, meaning he’s guaranteed to die when his final form reaches zero HP. If both the boss and your surviving heroes are nearly dead, go all the way and get the job done – you can’t lose this fight to lucky Deathblows from your enemy, a rare luxury in Darkest Dungeon!

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