Final Fantasy 16 Takes Up 90GB Of Space, Preload Starts June 20

Final Fantasy 16 pre-loads are set to begin on June 20th, this coming Tuesday. But before that, you’d better make sure you have enough storage space on your PS5, as the file sizes are quite large as expected. According to one source, Final Fantasy 16 will take up a total of 90.18GB before patches are rolled out.

While this isn’t enough to be one of the biggest releases in recent memory (Mortal Kombat 1 is something like 100GB), it’s a sign that fans really should clean their hard drive of all the junk games, as the size will only continue to grow with continued development . We also now know that there will be a day one patch – something that Square Enix previously shied away from – that will further increase the save requirements if not accounted for in the preload.


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This information, obtained by PlayStation Game Size on Twitter, might actually be a bit more reassuring than many of us except. With so many huge games coming out this year and Final Fantasy 16 looking grander than most, many of us assumed the game would break the 100GB mark. And while we might after some updates or potential DLC, it looks like we’re safe for now.

This also puts it under the cap for a single-disc release, something that Square Enix is ​​taking advantage of. Unlike the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Final Fantasy 16 will only have one disc in the box.

Yesterday, producer Naoki Yoshida shared the news of Final Fantasy 16 being mounted on one disc, revealing that this was only achieved in the last six months. This would make Final Fantasy 16 the first dual-disc release for the PS5, so it remains to be seen which game will get that honor instead. However, this news could indicate that much of the later stages of development have been spent on optimization – hopefully we’ll get a pretty polished product when it launches on June 22nd – even if it will require a lot of storage space.

If you’re on the fence about buying the game, a demo is available now on the PlayStation Store. However, those who don’t own a PS5 are out of luck as it’s an exclusive launch on Sony’s console. That means it won’t be coming to PC either, though Square Enix has said we can expect a port further down the line.

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