How To Redeem Gift Codes In Pokemon Unite

Welcome to Pokemon Unite, where the best face off in arena combat! Pokemon Unite is a hit mobile game that’s also available on Switch and turns the usual Pokemon mechanics on its head! Instead of dealing with typing and swiping, your Pokemon moves and battles in real time.

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Like most mobile titles, Pokemon Unite has plenty of ways to waste money, but it also occasionally gives players some free treats. Gift codes are available in Pokemon Unite and we’ve scoured the internet to bring them to you here.

Free Pokemon Unite Codes for June 2023

Pokemon Unite gift exchange screen 1


They are here all codes which unlock free stuff in Pokemon Unite which are currently available.

Gift code




Sylveon Trial

June 30 (not available in the North American region)

How to Redeem Gift Codes in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite 2 gift exchange screen

Gift codes can only be redeemed in the Pokemon Unite app. To redeem a gift code, tap the events icon on the right side of the home screen (looks like a calendar). Then scroll down and tap on »Gift exchange” in the left menu. Then press “Trade” in the middle of the screen.

You will be redirected to a website where you can enter your gift code. Enter it in the field and press “Trade“. Your free stuff will be automatically delivered to your in-game mailbox. Tap the player icon to access your mail.

If you enter an invalid codethe site will notify you with an error message.

Where to find Pokemon Unite codes

Pokemon Unite 3 gift exchange screen

Pokemon Unite doesn’t give out codes too often, but when they do, they can usually be found on the game’s social media pages, including Twitter, Facebookand YouTube. We will be sure to check these sites for any codes that may appear each month.

Don’t forget to enter your codes quickly because they will available for a limited time only.

he is there lots of other free stuff which can be found in Pokemon Unite including in-game events which offers things like Aeos Coins, Boost Emblems, and even Pokemon rentals. Check the Events tab often to see what’s going on in Pokemon Unite.

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