How To Easily Power-Level Every Skill In Skyrim

It’s effortless to improve most skills naturally Skyrim by simply playing through the game. That said, most players want to take advantage of certain skills (such as those related to crafting) over anything else, as they allow them to play exactly how they want for the longest amount of time.

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Skyrim offers power leveling options for most skills, although some can be leveled much faster than others. Some can even reach the maximum level before you escape from Helgen Fortress; I bet you didn’t expect that! With such golden opportunities available, let’s take a look at the easiest ways to get power level skills in Skyrim.


Updated June 18, 2023 by Sean Murray: Power leveling in Skyrim hasn’t changed much over the years, but no one wants to forget how to quickly and quickly level up their enchantment skills to the highest level. That’s why we’ve updated this guide with a fresh design for better readability.


Skyrim Pickpocket Skill A Khajiit that sneaks up on a villager

The best way to improve the power of the Pickpocket skill is to search Pocket trainer, of which there are several. Some can even be found in Windhelm and Crack. Once the trainer is found, ask him to teach you the Pickpocket skill level, then steal the money back from them.

Unfortunately, recovering your money only works until skills cost 1000 septims or more per level, since you can’t take more than that from an NPC without immobilizing them with either Unrelenting Force, Reversible Pocket Paralysis Poison, or a Paralysis Spell.

However, you can easily upgrade the Pickpocket skill by using other trainerswhich means it’s generally a good skill to invest in.


Using a skeleton key to unlock a lock in Skyrim

Unlocking is one of the more difficult skills to improve quickly, but there is one surefire way to do it. Complete the Thieves Guild questline until you get Skeleton Key stolen by Mercer Frey, then simply do not turn this key become the leader of the Thieves Guild.

Keeping the Skeleton Key allows you to do this open every lock in the game no worries about the locks breaking.

It can be that too which is used in tandem with Thieves Guild practice chestswhose locks are reset every few days.


Skyrim A sneaky figure crouching, holding an elven sword

Sneak is by far one of the easiest skills to power level in Skyrim as you can reach level 100 before leaving Helgen in about 30 minutes into a new gameplay. There are several points in the Helgen escape where this can be done, but the best is at the end, just before the bear, where Ralof or Hadvar will be crouching.

At this point simply double handed daggers and performs a double backstab with both weapons at the same time. Neither Ralof nor Hadvar will become hostile for you, unless you use the rage spell that high elves start with, that is you can use them as punching bags without consequences.


Skyrim Bound Bow character crowned and aiming

The best way to power level archery is a bit dangerous, but can be made easier with a very high Sneak skill. In High Hrothgar, summon bound bow to ensure you have an infinite number of arrows, then find a vantage point where you can shoot one of the Greybeards without being noticed.

For whatever reason they will, while the Greybeards kneel in prayer they have to take a lot of damage before they become hostile.

That said, saving every time you level up is recommended to ensure you don’t get shouted down from the mountaintop.


A table covered with alchemical reagents bubbles and emits a green glow.

Alchemy, like Sneak, is a basic skill for gaining power levels, though it requires use Restoration Potion bug to perform correctly. The best way is to simply increase your gear Strengthen Alchemy equipment to the point of making potions for 20000% increase and you should be close to max level with just one potion.

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Skyrim Enchanting Table 2-1

You can use the same method to quickly increase your Enchantment skill through crafting Strengthens the enchanting potion. Drink the potion before conjuring something with a high resale value, such as Amp up the destruction or Muffle.

however this method of hardening is not as effective in conjuring as it is in alchemy or even Smithing, for that matter.


A Skyrim character using Smithing gear

That’s right; the hardening method is a power leveling trifecta. Simple for Smithing drink Fortify Smithing Potion before tempering gear on a whetstone or workbench, as the potion will increase the level of enhancement of the item. Then start building and spawning as much as you can.


Speech isn’t such a useful skill to invest in unless you really want to play the role of a trader, and it’s not everything is so easy to raise. You can easily improve this skill in normal gameplay sells all junk lie in dungeons or choose Convince or bully dialogue options.

Unfortunately, in addition to these standard methods, there are no good power level tactics to improve skill. Therefore, the best way to smooth your speech is to find a speech skills coach such as Ogmund at the Inn of the Silver Blood in Markarth.

Then learn what you can to improve your speaking skills pocket the money back and repeat.

Light armor

Skyrim Light Armor Leather

Like the speech skill, the best way to level up light armor is to find a suitable trainer and steal the money back as you level up. These trainers are easiest to find, Heaterwhich sells its products and services at Riften Market.

When it’s out in the open, a high Sneak skill may be required to successfully pocket the money back.

If you’re particularly adventurous, you can find them too Mud crabs in the waters around Whiterun. Let them attack you, then heal yourself by using a Restoration spell and level of two skills at once. This method takes a very long time as you level up and becomes a huge waste of time fairly early on.

Heavy armor

Skyrim Companions Jorrvaskr

There are several ways to easily improve the power of the Heavy Armor skill. The easiest way is yes complete the Companions questline, so you can take it all skill trainers as followersallowing you to take back the money you spent on skills.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, you can also train with a pickpocket Heavy Armor trainer as we said before, boost your Pickpocket skill while you’re at it.

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One-handed and two-handed


As with the Sneak skill, the one-handed and two-handed skills can be boosted right before you encounter the bear in Weekend with use Ralof or Hadvar like a punching bag.

But that’s without the Standing Stones can be very slow once you hit level 50and it can take over an hour to raise one skill to 100.

Another similar way to improve these melee abilities is to buy or steal a horse and then attack the horse with one-handed and two-handed blows. The animal will not become hostile no matter how much damage it deals, and its health will regenerate after one hour.

Block it

Skyrim Viking holding a shield in a snowy environment

This skill can also be increased by blocking or basically non-hostile NPCs hitting the shield, much like using Sneak, One-Handed, and Two-Handed attacks on Hadvar or Ralof. However, Block suffers from stamina loss, making the process take much longer than even weapon skills to level up.

However, there is an easier way that involves a horse and some soup. To find, to stealor buy a horsethen eat vegetable soup and continue to shield while the food effect is active. The massive increase in stamina regeneration means you’ll always have enough to protect against an attack, even when it feels like you don’t.


A Skyrim character who uses a spark destruction spell

Destruction is easily one of the most difficult mage class skills to consistently power level eg you only gain experience by dealing damage enemy with the Destruction spell.

For the most part, the best way to increase the power of this skill is to wield it the Destruction spell in one hand and Healing Hands Restoration spell in another, buy a horse and use both spells at the same time to the poor creature.

this the method is still quite slowhowever. This leaves the most effective approach again train and pickpocket a destruction skill trainer and then rinse and repeat.

A change

Skyrim Water Breathing Alteration Spell Casting

they exist two great methods to change power leveling, which is useful given how slowly the skill levels up under normal circumstances.

The first method is more of a hack. Author: casting a water breathing spell while standing in waterthe game will recognize this as a correct use of the Alteration skill and give you experience.

The Telekinesis the spell also works the same way and is about the only real use for this spell. However, it is much less Magicka effective and may result in accidental loss of items if you’re not careful.


skyrim soul trap

It’s magic one of the easiest skills to power up as it doesn’t require you to actually summon anything to gain experience.

By far the best way to level Conjuration is repeat Soul Trap on corpse or horse, as this somehow registers as a correct use of the spell and experience points are rewarded as a result. This can allow you to reach level 100 very quickly.

An illusion

In Skyrim, they calmly pounce on a cow

Like Conjuration, the Illusion skill is very easy to power level and can be done very early in the game. To the power level, repeatedly casts “Calm” or “Courage” spells on NPCshorse or cattle.

Be careful which spell you useas using bravery in the overworld can cause an NPC or horse to accidentally attack a hostile enemy.


Skyrim Dawnguard Restoration Spell

Along with Destruction, Restoration is among the hardest skills to power level in Skyrim, which is a shame considering how many good perks this tree has. You can use some of the methods mentioned above, such as Hand healing along with a destruction spell or skill trainer training and pocketing.

Can also heal while using the Equilibrium spell from the Alteration skill tree. This spell that turns health into magic, allowing you to heal almost endlessly. However, healing spells will eventually heal more than Equilibrium drains, so you’ll need to alternate between spells.

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