New Nihility Light Cone, World 7, and more

The Herta shop is one of the famous shops in Honkai: Star Railway as it is mainly aimed at the progress of the players in the simulated universe. Players can purchase these exclusive 5-star cones of light from Herta and take advantage of their powerful effects, where players are rewarded for their challenges from the simulated universe. Information about the launch of a brand new one was recently leaked on the Internet Nihility Cone of Lightrelaxation Council 7 in Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe.

Herta’s Shop is a truly famous establishment in Honkai: Star Rail, particularly notable for its offerings that help players progress through one of the game’s more difficult content. This store offers players the opportunity to purchase exclusive 5-star light cones that can greatly enhance their characters. Exclusive 5-star Cones of Light are available in the Herta store and are highly sought after for their powerful effects and benefits. These cones of light are designed to complement and strengthen various characters in Honkai: Star Rail, allowing players to increase their potential in battles and challenges.

Simulated Universe: Nihility-Path Cone of Light drops from Herta’s shop

Reddit post reveals Cone of Light to be added to Simulated Universe Herta’s shop specializes in Nihility Path. It is expected to focus on the revealed Nihility characters coming in version 1.2, namely Kafka and Luka.

These characters can greatly benefit from the Cone of Light passive as it provides powerful Break Effect and DoT pity for different turns. It can also provide the user with energy regeneration when the light cone conditions are met.

This light cone is expected to be a very strong choice for Kafka for banner version 1.2 and other DoT characters due to his high stats as a 5-star Cone of Light and how it increases DoT damage, where Kafka’s playstyle specializes. It’s not specified if Light Cone will come in version 1.2, but it’s very likely depending on how HoYovers is known for its character releases and how the Light Cone fits these upcoming characters in the future.

Current content in Herta’s store

One of the major benefits of purchasing these exclusive cones of light is the advantage they provide when facing challenges in a simulated universe or other powerful in-game content. The store currently has a Preservation, destruction, 5 stars and Exclusive Hunt Path Cones of Light. A simulated universe is a gameplay where players face powerful enemies and take on challenging challenges.

Honkai Star Rail Herta Shop
Image via HoYoverse

By using the effects of 5-star light cones obtained from Herta’s shop, players can gain an advantage in these encounters, increasing their chances of success and gaining valuable rewards. Each 5 Star Cone of Light offered by Herta’s Shop has unique effects and properties to suit different play styles and strategies.

These effects can range from increased damage, improved defense, improved elemental damage, or other useful bonuses. Players have the ability to select cones of light that match their favorite characters and playstyle, customizing their approach to challenges in the simulated universe.

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe World 7 leaks

Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe was also leaked to release a Council 7 as an addition to his current world and problems. Players are eager to challenge this new boss as they can spot his abilities during the main quest.

Leaked Simulated World 7 boss:
by u/capper_chaos_69 in HonkaiStarRail

The leaked World 7 boss is Abundant Ebon Deer, this boss has the ability to regenerate his own health and also has a lot of damage along with HP thought. He is weak to Fire, Ice and Quantum type elements and players should start building their character with these elements to prepare for this mighty boss.

Final thoughts

It is important to note that the availability of these exclusive light cones may be limited or subject to certain conditions. Players must earn an in-game item known as Herta Bond which is only obtained weekly or at the first clearing of the world to fulfill special requirements and unlock access to the Herta shop and its offers.

As such, players must engage in various activities, complete missions, and participate in events to collect the necessary funds to purchase these coveted Cones of Light. The World 7 update also presents a new challenge for players to face as they progress towards their journey in the Honkai Star Rail, players are looking forward to the challenge of this new boss along with a new set of gear that will be added to the New World.

Image via HoYoverse

Light cones for other routes are expected to be added to the game as the game progresses with its updates. In summary, Herta’s Shop in Honkai: Star Rail is a popular destination for players looking for exclusive 5-star light cones to improve their performance in the simulated universe. By acquiring these cones of light and using their powerful effects, players can greatly enhance their characters’ abilities, increase their chances of success in challenging encounters, and reap the rewards offered by the game’s simulated realm.

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