The Best Flashpoints In Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you’re looking for special missions to complete with friends, or maybe just for the experience, Flashpoints has you covered. These are unique, long missions to follow. You can make them yourself, but they were designed for groups of four players. What are the best Flashpoints that Star Wars: The Old Republic has to offer?

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Saying which ones are the best is relative, so we rate them based on the story they offer, how fun they are, their goals, the amount of time they take, and their replay value – you can play them over and over again to you reach a higher level. .

Honorable mention: Flashpoints expansion

Valkorion, Arcann and Vaylin, from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Before we talk about the main Flashpoints, there are a lot of them in between or between the game’s expansions – especially Onslaught and beyond. Most of the time they are also the ones with the best writing. However, they are somewhat contrary to the original idea.

These Flashpoints were designed to be a solo adventure, as you create your own story based on your decisions, unlike the original where you level up with friends. Regardless, there are plenty of intense expansion moments that happen between these focal points – with someone discussed further down the list – making them worth noting.



10 Esseles and the Black Talon

Ambassador Assara and Captain Orzik from Star Wars: The Old Republic

These two focal points – the Esseles for the Republic and the Black Claw for the Empire – are longer focal points that focus on their respective stories. They are low levels designed for newbies and one of them is probably the first Flashpoint you played in the game.

Due to the running time and many cutscenes, they’re not that fun to repeat, but they’re a great introduction to the general concept. They are ranked together since they work the same way but for different factions, and among them Black Talon is better, simply because of the better writing.

9 Hammer station

Hammer Station, a hotspot from Star Wars: The Old Republic

To be honest, this Flashpoint plot is hard to remember. But that’s not why it’s a special quest. The reason is also its re-value. It is one of the fastest to complete, especially if you have the right crew skills.

Still, doing this a few times in a row isn’t annoying, and it’s a good way to balance yourself out if you’re going to lose a level for your current missions. This Flashpoint will get you back on your feet in no time.

8 Athis

Athiss Flashpoint from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Feel the wrath of Vodal Kressh. Athiss asks you to explore the tomb and fight the minions of the long-lost Sith. It’s also pretty simple, with funny ways to skip areas and other methods that require special crew skills.

The Prophet of Vodal is also a fun concept with flames that cannot be put out and will hunt one of the players for a while. It’s a shame the Vodal itself didn’t become a major thing in the game, as Sith spirits are complicated, as we learned from the story of the Inquisitor class.

7 Directive 7

Rebel droids from Directive 7 Flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The plot of Rise of the Machines and many ways to overcome conflicts, even boss battles. Directive 7 is an easy Flashpoint to get through because it’s fun without overstaying its welcome. And it’s quite curious to see how the droids fight back in Star Wars.

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It also has a unique final boss with a mentor that offers smaller objectives during combat itself. You must figure out how to reduce Mentor’s defenses while avoiding the many droids and towers along the way. All in good fun.

6 To Cademi

Cademimu, a focal point from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Cademimu is another example of a simple Flashpoint that you can do in quick succession to advance. It also has interesting choke points where you can see skilled players draw enemies so that the party can take full advantage of area attacks.

There are also times when they can just run away, as Flashpoint allows you to skip some fights if you’re quick enough. Even the final boss has a fun dynamic, though there are better examples on this list.

5 Red Reaper

Darth Ikoral, the final boss from the Red Reaper Flashpoint, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Fighting pureblood Sith Supremacists in the Empire is a fun idea. From there, you have several bosses with their own concept to defeat – such as the final boss and his minions – although it’s much simpler than Directive 7.

Regardless, the whole map is also fun. It has interesting zone-hopping options if you want to be quick about it, and moments where you can throw enemies off the map if you have the right skills.

4 Foundry

Revan, the final boss from Foundry Flashpoint, in Star Wars: The Old Republic

This is Revan. And yes, that’s our whole argument. Although he gets a major role in the expansions, this was his original return to the franchise, as he – and HK-47 – appear as bosses during this Flashpoint.

Additionally, this mission is a continuation of the second Flashpoint, Boarding Party, as during this mission you steal a ship to access the foundry here, which gives a fun two-part plot for this invasion mission.

3 Invasion of Korriban and attack on Tython

War-torn Korriban and Tython in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Speaking of Revan, his free expansion includes these two Flashpoints, among other things. They contain spoilers from the entire story of the expansion, so we advise you to simply play the game until they first appear, rather than playing them randomly from the group finder.

Both take you back to the best starting planets, Korriban and Tython, which were destroyed by war. Depending on which faction you are in, your task will be to capture one planet and gain another from the enemy. Your faction will cause some NPC replacements, but they will still play the same way.

2 Kaon under siege

Star Wars The Old Republic painting of Major Byzal

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Rakghouls are the zombie version of Star Wars – you might remember them in Taris – and there’s a whole invasion ahead of you. This Flashpoint offers a difficulty boost if you’re looking for more than just a quick run for the experience – though it’s still easy as a group.

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There’s also a fun gauntlet section where you can use a turret to fight off hordes of Rakghouls in a sequence that takes quite a while. This is the closest you will get to a zombie shooter in this game.

1 The Lost Island

Doctor Lorrick transforms into a Rakghoul in Star Wars: The Old Republic

And what’s the best thing about this Rakghoul invasion? It is two-part. Ord Mantell cannot rest, as a scientist who wants to control these creatures conducts his experiments there. It’s another Flashpoint that offers great difficulty options, with the high difficulty modes being a real pain.

Doctor Lorrick is also a fun and dangerous boss to fight, with a two-stage boss battle as he transforms into the monsters he creates. All in good zombie fun.

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