How To Find And Decode The Strange Objects In Layers Of Fear (2023)

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  • How to decode unusual objects

The actor’s story in Layers of Fear (2023) is much simpler than The Painter’s Story with its collectibles. However, there are a handful of hidden objects in the story that are particularly well hidden. Given their otherworldly appearance and the strange sounds that come out of them when you pick them up, they might be hidden for a reason!

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Finding five strange objects and uncovering their secrets reveals some of the game’s creepiest content, but raises more questions than answers. With this guide, you will be able to find them all hidden in the depths of the player’s memories.


A strange box

timer display

In the second chapter, when you escape from a shapeless monster by crawling through a vent, move the doll to the left when you appear. It will hit the switch and open the door behind you. inside, press the button to turn off the electricity. Run down the hall, crouching under the wheel halfway to pass the obstacle before the power comes back on. You will be able to pick up there A strange box.

Be sure to do this before entering the room with the projector!

A strange note

scribbled note with drawings of rats held by a gloved hand in layers of fear 2023

That is the most important of strange objects, because without it you cannot discover the secrets of others. When you leave the main engine room in the second chapter, you’ll crawl through a vent that splits into two paths. Take the left path. when you show up pick up the note from the bed. You can open a locked door from this side, which will return you to the main path without having to go back into the vents.

A strange cube

a hollow tree trunk in layers of fear 2023, with sixteen round holes cut into it.  fire can be seen through the holes

In the first area of ​​the Hedge Maze in Chapter Three, follow the path all the way to the end before crawling through the tunnel to the next section. You will see a statue with several arms; to the right of it is a a large trunk with holes.

The interaction with the hole will open or close holes directly above, below, left and right of it (but NOT the selected hole itself). When all sixteen holes are openwhich reveals a flame behind them, a Strange Cube will appear on the bench behind you.

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A strange tree

playing cards on a dimly lit table in Layers of Fear 2023

When you choose to pursue the Flame or get swept away by a dive in chapter four, you’ll come to a room with a portrait of the Rat Queen. On the right is a locked trunk. Then animate the puppets next to it look at the cards on the table. The numbers on the cards form the combination for the lock and are different with each play. Open the chest to get the Strange Tree.

Strange eyes

a swarm of rats gathered around the broken statue and images of the rat queen in layers of fear 2023

When you reach the Rat Queen Shrine towards the end of Chapter Four, open the chest behind the altar. before leaving, look through the tiny keyhole which appears at the base of the altar; you will be transported to a secret room. Align the spotlights in the shape of rats so that they all illuminate the central statue; one of you requests open curtains let in the light. Once all three lights are aligned, you will receive Strange eyes.

How to decode unusual objects

a strange shell with strange eyes in the player's cabin in layers of fear 2023

When you return to your cabin with the strange items, they will be placed on the shelves at the top of the stairs. They can be interacted with, causing you to hear a static hum while the player is holding them. The Strange Note includes a hint on how to decode them.

On the right side of the Strange Note, you will see a drawing of an opening with 42S drawn over it. Go to the telescope on the right side of the collection and look through forty-two seconds. A shell will float on the surface of the water; zoom in for a few seconds to pick it up.

When you get it, you’ll find a shell on the floor in front of the Strange Note. Picking it up and placing it in front of one of the objects will cause it to appear stick to the base. You can freely move the shell from base to base, so don’t worry about choosing a specific item. While the shell is attached to the base of the item, you will be able to hear a secret message while holding this item!

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