Everything You Need To Know About PvP Series 4 In FFXIV

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  • Series 4 Malmstone Awards

Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.4 is here with another significant drop in content that will lock us all into the world of Hydaelyn forever, bringing much needed fixes and changes to PvE, PvP and other activities. New ones PvP Series 4 Malmstones are among the latest additions that give you more things to look forward to when you’re grinding PvP.

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As in the previous PvP series, you can expect to earn new customization options for mounts, minions, emotes and the adventure board when you level up your malmstones, your effort in the pot against other players is worth it.


Series 4 PvP Review

A look at the Series 4 Malmstone rewards in Final Fantasy 14

Before we delve into the rewards you can expect from Series 4 Malmstones, let’s check how much Malmstone EXP is required to complete and obtain all unique items for this series.

Series 4 experience chart

Malmstones Levels series

Experience is required

Levels 1 > 4

2,000 EXP per level

Levels 5 > 9

3,000 EXP per level

Levels 10 > 14

4,000 EXP per level

Levels 15 > 19

5,500 EXP per level

Levels 20 > 24

7,500 EXP per level

Levels 25 > 29

10,000 EXP per level

Level 30+

20,000 EXP per level

Like all other seasons, they exist only five of Malmstone’s 30 levels offer unique rewards, with the rest earn you trophy crystals, which you can exchange for equipment by visiting Crystal Quartermaster in Wolf’s Den (X: 4.4, Y: 6.1).

Once you acquire 30th level you can continue earning on your Malmstone series 5000 trophy crystals every time you pick up 20,000 IZK. however Level 25 will grant you the last unique item of the series, allowing you to stop grinding there if you don’t care or need trophy crystals.

Collection of Series 3 Awards

Malmstone series menu.  The boxed area indicates a button that allows you to access previous batches and claim previously earned but unclaimed items.  This can be done with every new PvP series in Final Fantasy 14

Lastly, if you have them unclaimed prizes from series 3, you can they are still being acquired by choosing “Previous series” option in upper left corner of the Malmstone series pages. If you have nothing to claim, this option will not be available to you.

All previous rewards of the series will be available later, but when, where and how you get them is still unknown. So if you’ve missed out on some of the awesome items that have been part of past Malmstones, you can still get them at some point in the future.

Series 4 Malmstone Awards

The Wolves' Den Pier in Final Fantasy 14

As we described above, they only exist five subjects to earn v series 4, because the rest will be trophy crystals that you can exchange for unique gear at the Wolf’s Den Pier. This series offers unique Emote, Mount, Minion and Adventure Plate customization options, more about which you can find below!

Level 5 Malmstone Award

A warrior of light who uses the heart sincerity emote in Final Fantasy 14

Ours first Malmstone Award or is it Ballroom Etiquette – Heartfelt Sincerity Emote, which has yours the character places their hand over their heart while expressing their deepest gratitude or condolences whoever is their target. This becomes available to you at Level 5!

Level 10 and 20 Malmstone Rewards

Aramitama Framer's Kit and Nigimitama Framer's Kit in Final Fantasy 14

Frame kits are the items you receive at Malmstone levels 10 and 20, with Aramitama Framer’s Kit available at 10th level and Nigimitama Framer’s Kit at 20th level, or

Aramitamine frame kit showcases a sharp green waves of water that act as a backdrop to the fighter’s fury, making it perfect for those who love fighting. The Nigimitama’s Framer Kit represents a soothing blue wave, which makes it necessary for those who master the art of patience and collectivity!

Level 15 Malmstone Award

A Rubellite Weapon minion terrorizes a base in Final Fantasy 14

Malmstone level 15 we get ours there A minion with a Rubellite weapon, whose lovers Final Fantasy 7 will immediately recognize the angle Ruby Weapon, with your own dark red body, sharp claws and a frightening look. This is a must-have for Final Fantasy 7 fans!

Level 25 Malmstone Reward

A warrior of light riding a traveling support mount in Final Fantasy 14

Our last prize at Malmstone level 25 or is it Traveling fan identification key which gives you A traveling carrier in use, making it a great way to reduce your batch 4. it a strange bipedal machine with a beaming smile and long ears all your grinding will pay off!

How to earn lots of EXP

A look at Yojimbo unleashing a devastating slash from his Katana during the Pneumatic Parade event in The Clockwork Castletown PvP Map for Crystalline Conflict in Final Fantasy 14

Finally, you might want to know the best ways to get a bunch of EXP to quickly get the new and awesome items described in the section above. Before we do that, let’s take a look at what each mode has to offer in terms of paying out a series of EXP for wins and losses.

PvP series experience table

PvP mode



Crystal conflict

900 IZK

700 IZK

Rival Wings

1,250 IZK

750 IZK


1500 IZK

1,250 IZK

As you can see, longer modes like Frontlines and Rival Wings offer more EXP per match, whether you win or lose, like Crystalline Conflict. But there is big warning here: You can finish about two to three Crystalline Conflict matches in the time it takes to finish one of the others, making it the best option for farming the EXP series.

Furthermore, completing your daily PvP roulettes will also give you much needed EXP bursts, so be sure to do that too if you want to level up your Malmstones run faster. Lastly, while Crystalline Conflict is the best way to get fast EXP, you you don’t have to grind it if you don’t enjoy it, just play what you want and you’ll reach level 25 in no time!

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