The Best Builds In Bloodborne, Ranked

Bloodborne is still considered one of the best Lovecraftian horror films ever created. Set in a perverse version of Victorian England, it’s as menacingly heavy as its cousins ​​in the Souls series. The story of Bloodborne takes you through a hellish nightmare to defeat the faceless horror and escape the dream world.

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While Dark Souls allows the player a lot more freedom in their builds, equally rewarding face-heavy tank builds and evasion-focused light builds, Bloodborne is somewhat limited in comparison. Bloodborne lets you focus on strength, skill, gore, and arcane buildings, making it much more streamlined.

Updated June 18, 2023 by Jack Webb: Buildings in Bloodborne are different from other Souls games. You can still focus on standard Vitality and Endurance characters, but ideally you should only pick one or two main stats to boost and invest in them. With the Old Hunters DLC, more Arcane builds became viable.



11 Saw Cleaver Strength Build

Box Art for the PlayStation 4 title, Bloodborne.  A hunter wielding a saw blade and blonderbus

The old saying goes: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This goes double for the first entry on this list. Many new players may find Bloodborne overwhelming. The developers seem to have realized this, as they immediately give the player access to one of the best weapons in the game: the hacksaw.

The building is simple. As the game progresses, drop points evenly into Vitality, Strength, and Stamina. Ultimately, characters built this way will have high HP, near-infinite evasion ability, and will hit like a truck with every swing. Simple and effective. It is one of the best weapons to use, especially against beast enemies, as it has a hidden multiplier against beast types.

10 Threaded Rod Skill Building

player using Threaded Cane Bloodborne

No weapon in Bloodborne demonstrates the fluid quality of its combat quite like the Threaded Cane. The Threaded Cane doesn’t do very much damage, forcing the player to rely on using visceral attacks and stabbing enemies when they get the chance. At first glance, this build may not seem that powerful, but by the end of the run with this weapon, you will feel how all the fights in Bloodborne are like a dance, and how to choreograph your moves to your advantage.

If you want to see damage return on Threaded Cane, increase skill to 50 and Arcane as high as possible. Find an empty phantasm shell to reliably deal magic damage to weapons. Find an old hunter’s bone to make your movements more fluid. You can also collect the threaded rod at the beginning of the game instead of the saw.

9 Ludwig’s Sacred Blade Power Building

Ludwig's holy blade is sharpened with screw paper in the boss fight of The One Reborn in Bloodborne

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is a weapon that can be found quite early in the game. It comes at a steep price of 20,000 Blood Echoes, but it’s worth it. Ludwig’s blade can transform from a swift one-handed sword into a brutal two-handed greatsword.

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Place stats into Strength, Endurance, and Stealth to get the most out of Ludwig’s Blade’s surprisingly high level of Stealth. This means that in addition to the already strong strike on the blade, we can use fire, lightning or arcana for a truly extraordinary weapon. The weapon transformation turns it into a two-handed greatsword, while the normal version of the blade is a one-handed sword. This makes the weapon very versatile and will see you through some tough fights.

8 Cannon Bloodtinge/Strength Build

a player playing as a member of the Powder Kegs wields a cannon in Bloodborne

The Powder Kegs are an unorthodox group of hunters in Bloodborne. While most hunters appreciate the skill and artistry involved in hunting, powder kegs only appreciate the big boom. Embody them and honor the Power Kegs by investing all available points in Bloodtinge and Strength.

Have any preferred weapon in your main hand and use the cannon as your hand weapon. The cannon deals massive damage to enemies, but uses a whopping ten bullets per shot. This build is high on the list because it’s hard to get more than two shots on the boss before running out of ammo. You can further increase your cannon’s damage with bone marrow ash, which strengthens your next shot.

7 Omen Of Drunkenness Arcane Build

The player uses Augur of Ebrytias in the chalice dungeons against the Merciless Watchers Bloodborne boss

This build ditches Bloodborne’s iconic firearms for something flashier. Bloodborne features several hunting tools that can create powerful effects when used, effectively working like magic from previous Souls games. They cost Quicksilver Bullets to use and cover everything with Arcane.

Set Arcane to 50 for this building. Then collect Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond. These two items are found much later in the game, making it difficult to build for Arcane. With that in mind, Augur of Ebrietas and Call Beyond are devastatingly powerful spells that will wipe out a lot of your enemies.

6 Tiny Tonitrus And Madaras Whistle Arcane Build

The Madras whistle player summons a giant Bloodborne snake

Another build that leaves guns behind. Hunter tools are just too cool and the following two are no exception. Tiny Tonitrus casts a line of light forward upon use, and Madaras Whistle summons a giant snake to swallow the enemy you’ve targeted.

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These items are respectfully different from Arcana and Bloodtinge, so both should be awarded 50 points. This can be a powerful build not only for enemies but also for other players. These two elements are rarely used in combat, which can catch people off guard. This combined with the high knockback of both items can lead to some devastating combos if the items can be moved quickly enough.

5 Thunder Arcane Build

Tonitrus after being buffed and imbued with Bloodborne bolt damage

The Tonitrus is a strange little device that acts like a mace while emitting sparks. Tonitrus, which you can get around the middle of the game, is based on a Tesla coil and can bring the power of thunder to your run. Tonitrus scales to Arcane and will usually be the first weapon you come across with such good range.

Put stats in Strength and Arcane and then Vitality and Endurance as needed. Tonitrus is a fantastic gimmick weapon as most enemies in the game are weak to electrical damage. This build really helps reduce the difficulty of the game as there isn’t a lot of weapon cycling or extra tricks to use for damage. You can get this weapon on your first visit to Yahar’gul, Unseen Village.

4 Chikage Bloodtinge Build

Player equipped with Chikage and Cainhurst Bloodborne armor set

Bloodtinge is one of the lesser understood stats in Bloodborne. Bloodtinge increases the damage done by firearm and blood attacks. Chikage is one of the few weapons in Bloodborne that scales with Bloodtinge, and this weapon makes pure Bloodtinge builds viable.

Make sure your Vitality is high for this build as Chikage slowly drains your HP while transforming. Set Bloodtinge to 50 to really enjoy the power of this weapon. Chikage can only be obtained after defeating Martyr Logarius, the secret boss in Cainhurst Castle. Don’t forget to combine this powerful weapon with Evelyn’s gun for maximum damage and true Vileblood cosplay.

3 Beast Claw Power/Skill Build

A player with maxed Beasthood equipped with Bloodborne Beast Claws

Beasthood is an invisible stat in Bloodborne that cannot be progressed normally. Increases with items like Beast Blood Pellets and minor insight. Beasthood increases the player’s physical attack while lowering their physical defense. This build benefits from Brador’s kit and Djura’s Ashen Hunter armor, as they have innately high Beasthood stats.

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Beast Claws create a beast innately when attacking, so you can use Beast Blood Pellets as a supplement when you acquire this weapon. The Beasthood build is great for Bloodborne veterans as it allows for the ultimate glass cannon build. It’s also great for veterans because Beast Claws can only be found deep in the punishment dungeons of the Chalice. Depending on how you play your character, maybe your hunter really was a mindless beast.

2 A mysterious/powerful building casts holy moonlight

A player basking in the glory of Moonlight Greatsword Bloodborne

Any Souls fanatic will know that the Moonlight Greatsword appears in every Souls title. Bloodborne is no exception and the community has been treated to its addition to the Old Hunters DLC. Now called the Holy Moonlight Sword, this weapon can still bring nostalgic tears to your eyes.

As with most Moonlight Greatsword builds, increase Arcane and Strength to 50. This sword can also be used to devastating effect with Augur of Ebrietas, as the sword has energy beams that can be fired forward, keeping enemies in range while causing extremely too bad.

1 Blade of Mercy Skill/Mysterious Building

The hunter wields the blade of mercy in Bloodborne

Arguably the coolest gimmick weapon in the entire game, Eileen the Crow’s Blade of Mercy can make for a truly outstanding Arcane build. The moveset on this weapon alone is incredibly versatile, while the redesigned version allows you to dual-wiel and attack extremely fast.

Raise your Dexterity to 50 and increase Arcane on top of that to around 35 – 40 to get the most out of it. The Blade of Mercy upgrade to +10 gives an S in Skill and a B in Arcane, allowing you to play around with the build and use some spells if you feel so inclined. Overall, the Blade of Mercy are very enjoyable to use and excel at attacking single targets. Don Eileen’s armor set and play as the ultimate fiend in all of Yharnam.

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