How To Build And Play A Skeledirge Deck In Pokemon TCG

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  • Skeledirge Ex common threats

One of the most attractive features in any generation Pokemon is their originator. These three Pokemon have the weight of being the banner that represents their entire generation, so naturally they’re going to get a lot of love from gaming and the media in general. This is exactly the case with Skeledirge.

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Skeledirge received a powerful ex card that deals damage; Skeledirge’s goal is to finish the match in as few turns as possible. It’s a great deck with a lot of upside, but it’s a bit inconsistent. Let’s check it out!

Deck list of Skeledirge Ex

Pokemon TCG Fuecoco card


Pokemon cards

Fuecoco PAL (x4)

Crocalor PAL (x1)

Skeledirge ex PAL (x4)

Entei V BRS (x1)

Oricorio PAL (x1)

Lumineon V BRS (x1)

Bidoof BRS (x2)

BRS bibarrel (x2)

Radiant Greninja ASR (x1)

Trainer cards

Arven ALL (x2)

PAL Boss Orders (x2)

Cheryl BST (x1)

Iono PAL (x4)

SVI Professor’s Research (x4)

Optional PAL band (x1)

Escape Rope BST (x1)

Forest Seal Stone SIT (x1)

Nest Ball SVI (x4)

Rare Candy ALL (x4)

Super Rod PAL (x1)

SVI switch (x2)

Ultra Ball SVI (x4)

Magma Basin BRS (x4)

Energy cards

Fire Energy (x9)

Skeledirge Ex Key Cards

Pokemon TCG Crocalor card

Here are all the most important cards of this deck:

Skeledirge Ex

Pokemon TCG Skeledirge Rare Card Special Illustration

The protagonist of this set is none other than Skeledirge ex. This card it has 340 hpmaking it one of the thinnest cards in the meta.

That’s not all, as he has two attacks. He is the first A song of vitalitywhich deals 50 damage and heals 30 damage to all your active Pokemonboth the bench and yourself.

And then, Skeledirge is Burning voicewhich deals 270 damage, which is more than enough to remove any former card and enough to 2-hit KO any VMAX or VSTAR mint. However, this attack deals 10 less damage for each damage counter Skeledirge has attached to it.

Rare sweets

Pokemon TCG Card with Rare Candy

Rare sweets has landed on the meta and is here to stay, as makes things easier for Stage 2 based decks to build in seconds.

Rare candies will help you evolve Fuecoco into Skeledirge without having to evolve it into Crocalor. This is great because you can be in a very favorable situation place Skeledirge in the front row.


Pokemon TCG Oricorio card

Oricorio and Skeledirge are an ideal match. This is due to Oricorio’s ability, Burning dance. With it, you can Oricorio once per turn heal 20 damage from your active pokemonbut only if it has previously developed.

This means he can heal Skeledirge every turn. Oricorio is essential for Skeledirge to be fully healed and ready to attack.

Entei V

Pokemon TCG Entei V Card

Sometimes you will have a bad time trying to build Skeledirge because you have to find a rare candy. So if you happen to have Entei V in your hand or in your bench you have a reliable attacker to use instead of.

Entei V has a name attack A burning rondowhich deals 20 damage plus 20 extra per benched Pokemon both you and your opponent. This card is ideal for use against single reward card sets, like Lost Box, and it gives you a great way to attack from the start if you pull it out.

She can also help you draw a card every turn if you have it on your active spot thanks to her ability, Quick-footed.

Radiant Greninja and Bibarel

Pokemon TCG Radiant Rare Card Greninja Radiant-3

Although it seems strange, these two types of water are very necessary in this deckas it has no drawing resources if you don’t want to rely on supporter cards.

First, you have Radiant Greninja. It is a classic in the meta due to its ability, Hidden cards. You must with him throw away the energy certificateif so, you can draw two cards from your deck.

And then you have come onwho has Hardworking incisors ability which allows you to draw cards until you have five in your hand.

These two cards are quite useful that can help you set up and have some consistency while playing. Unfortunately, they’re not fire-types, so they don’t have much synergy with Skeledirge, but it’s not a critical problem.

Lumineon V

Pokemon TCG card Lumineon V

Lumineon V it’s here for the same reason as Radiant Greninja and Bibarel; it will help you draw cards from your deck.

Lumineon has an ability named Flashing sign. With him when you play Lumineon from your hand to the benchyou can view your deck and draw a supporter card from this. Pretty useful for drawing Arven, Professor Research or Iona depending on the situation.

As you can see, this deck has no water-type energy. That means Radiant Greninja, Lumineon V, and Bibarel limited to acting as a map drawing engine. They will not attack.

Magma Basin

Pokemon TCG Magma Basin Card

Magma Basin is a great Stadium card that will they allow you to attach a fire energy card from the discard pile to one of your placed Pokemon, or if already, the selected Pokemon will take 20 damage.

Damage is not the problem you will have Oricorio there and can send energy cards to the discard pile via Radiant Greninjaso this card is very useful and makes a lot of sense in this deck.

Forest Signet Stone

Forest Seal Stone Pokemon TCG Silver Tempest

The Forest Signet Stone is a great card to plug into a Lumineon V or Entei V and will use its own VSTAR Power, Star Alchemyto draw any card from your deck.

Belt of choice

Pokemon TCG Choice Belt card

The Belt of choice it’s a great card for that remaining bit of damage potential; every offensive card must be top. It works like this; if you attach it to a pokemon, it will deal 30 more damage, but only to Pokemon V.

Works like a charm take any one VSTAR or VMAX down.


Special artwork, rare iono from Paldea Evolved

Jonah is a great card to block your opponent’s strategy while giving you some boost by drawing cards from your deck.

With Iona, every player will have to they send their cards to the bottom of the deck. Then each player must they draw a card from their deck for each card remaining in the prize cards.

Imagine your opponent only has one more card in the prize draw and has a big hand, then use that; it will reverse the action in the game!


Pokemon TCG Arven Card

Legacy helps you a lot with deck consistency; basically he will be who he will be draw the rare candies needed to evolve Fuecoco.

With Arven you can find an item card and tool Pokemon from your deck and put them in your hand.


Pokemon TCG: Cheryl (Secret) from Battle Styles, with a blurred background

Use Cheryl in an emergency. It will repair all damage of all your evolution pokemon -also known as Skeledirge- but if you do, you’ll have to discard any energy cards attached to it.

Again, use it only in emergenciesfor example, if you’re going to attack with a Skeledirge but it took a lot of damage the previous turn or something.

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Skeledirge Ex strategy

Pokemon TCG Professor Research Card

On these types of decks, it is ideal to start first; You want to place Skeledirge as soon as possible.

This board does not require complicated setup; you might want to have Fuecoco and Skeledirge in your hand, Oricoria, Radiant Greninja or Bibarel in your bench, and some rare candies.

A few Fire-type Energy cards will also come in handy. Unfortunately, you can’t attach more than one per turn if you don’t have this Magma Basinbut for that you have to have fire energy cards in the discard pile.

So if you want to have Fire Energy cards in your discard pile, you’ll have to use them Radiant Greninja hidden cards. After that, you can now freely use the Magma Basin.

You will most likely use Magma Basin and Radiant Greninja if you need to field a second Skeledirge.

It is important to have this part of the strategy ready in case you use it Cherylas he will force you to discard fire energy cards to heal Skeledirge when he is damaged.

Don’t forget to use it Legacy to get rare candies cards needed, use them Jonah in case you are losing, and Professor’s research if you had to switch cards in your hand.

Cards as Escape Rope and Boss Commands are useful if you want focus on destroying a specific Pokemon. Switch is the card you’ll use if you want to change your active Pokemon without spending energy cards. This is more of an early game card.

Skeledirge Ex common threats

Special Art Rare Chien-Pao ex From Paldea Evolved

Skeledirge Ex has two main problems; sometimes it can get stuck due to the lack of proper cards to set up and get more resources, and that is weak to water decks.

The first problem is difficult to solve, since the selected cards are best for Skeledirge ex; is more of a problem with the Fire type, because does not have a good consistent card which other types have, such as the water type with Iris.

The other issue has more to do with Skeledirge being weak against Water-types than Skeledirge not being able to hit Water-types.

In fact, Skeledirge can severely affect aquatic species; can take out Chien-Pao ex or Quaquaval ex in one hit, but if hit by a Water-type move, Skeledirge will faint. So, if you manage to stand and hit first, you can win.

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