Guest Characters We’d Love To See In Street Fighter 6

The Street Fighter series isn’t one to work with guest characters, and Street Fighter 6’s first season of DLC characters seems to follow that trend. What if they decide to shake things up a bit with the next seasons and add a character from another world and game?

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While guest characters can be huge for a fighting game audience, they need to fit the job and fit well with the game mechanics and other fighters. Street Fighter is a particularly grounded series, so unless we want to see our favorites’ arsenals completely gutted to appear in Street Fighter 6, our options will have to make sense in terms of gameplay and overall style.



8 Rock Howard – The King of Fighters

Rock Howard in The King of Fighters 15

Rock Howard starts things off as a safe shooter clone representing The King of Fighters series. While we could have easily gone with his mentor Terry Bogard here, Rock’s flashiness and style fit perfectly with the presentation that Street Fighter 6 has to offer.

If there was any character you could put in a Street Fighter title that wouldn’t completely ruin the experience, it would be Rock Howard, especially with the addition of the Drive Gauge and all the monstrous combos and damage he can dish out.

7 Sub-Zero – Mortal Kombat

Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat surrounded by his blue icy aura

Another safe choice, massive amounts of violence aside, is Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. While Sub-Zero isn’t a clone of Peat, his gameplay is relatively simple and thorough, making him one of the best choices from the series to jump into Street Fighter 6.

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Sub-Zero is in the numbers as much as possible and his abilities aren’t too over the top to prevent him from blending in well with the rest of the cast. However, seeing Sub-Zero not be fearsome and relentless in battle will be a little off-putting in an odd way.

6 King – Tekken

King II, returns in Tekken 8

Grapplers are the bane of most newcomers’ existence, but Street Fighter 6 needs more, despite Zangief and Manon being surprisingly good right out of the game. So, King is our favorite guest character that represents Tekken and the grappler archetype.

Heihachi, Kazuya and Jin would also be good choices, but they’re a bit too obvious and fit the general ‘safe’ style already covered by Sub-Zero and Rock Howard. If King had used the Drive Gauge, it would have looked extremely frustrating, and we would have loved that.

5 Leifang – Dead Or Alive

Leifang from Dead or Alive 6

Leifang is our next pick and embodies a more defensive, methodical approach to combat that can be useful in some situations in Street Fighter 6. He has quick and deceptive strikes and thrives on punishing opponents for mistakes.

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While most of the characters in Dead or Alive are designed with a heavy emphasis on hand-to-hand combat, Leifang’s more methodical approach easily carries it over to Street Fighter 6, though it will lose an entire dimension along with it. .

4 Yuel – Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Yuel from Granblue Fantasy: Versus

It’s time for one that will probably make some people implode, and that’s Yuel, a fox-like Erune girl who wields dual blades and dominates the field with her stance-based archetype.

While weapons are mostly a no-no in Street Fighter, Yuela’s playstyle is calculated and grounded, making her the right choice for the position when considering the other characters in Granblue Fantasy: Against. With Menat and her catgirl outfit gone from Street Fighter 6, Yuel would fill that void in our hearts nicely.

3 Chipp Zanuff – Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear Strive's Chipp Zanuff

There aren’t many Guilty Gear characters that could work in a Street Fighter game, and even Chipp Zanuff pushed the boundaries a bit. Still, we think she plays relatively similarly in Strive to Ibuki, making her a great guest character given her absence in Street Fighter 6.

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Ignore the fact that Kimberly is basically an Ibuki-like character and embrace the god-speed ninja. While his speed should obviously be dialed down a bit, what he has access to in Strive would translate pretty well to Street Fighter 6, making him the best pick of the series.

2 Mai Shiranui – King of Fighters

Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters 15

Surprise, another King of Fighters character is coming to the list! While Rock Howard is a great character to represent the series, Mai Shiranui is one of the most recognizable characters in the genre.

She is almost as popular as Chun-Li in terms of playable female characters and is one of the best fighters in the genre. Even with her dual tessens, Mai would fit into the roster very nicely and could make quick work of the new Drive Gauge.

1 Morrigan Aensland – Darkstalkers

Morrigan from Darkstalkers

Last, and certainly not least, is Darkstalkers own Morrigan, an obvious choice for anyone who’s dabbled in any of Capcom’s fighting games outside of Street Fighter. Morrigan is easy to pick up and play and is relatively simple, but can be devastating in the right hands.

While she’s a peat clone, Morrigan is a beloved character with a ton of potential, and the new systems and mechanics in Street Fighter 6 will do more than enough to elevate her to new heights, perhaps even placing her above a modern-day Ken. ..

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