Tokyo Revengers 3D is an action RPG set to launch for mobile this Winter in Japan

Tokyo Avengers 3D it is brand new taking action RPG the author Victor Entertainment based on the popular manga and anime series Tokyo Avengers which will be available for mobile devices later this winter, in addition Nintendo Switch and PC via DMM Games, z PlayStation 4 and 5. The game is said to feature stunning visuals, faithful character introductions, and a captivating story that closely follows the original series.

Tokyo Revengers 3D is a treat for manga fans

The 3D action RPG promises a vast open-world environment that allows players to freely explore various iconic locations from the series. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Tokyo districts, the infamous headquarters of the Black Dragon, or even seemingly quiet residential neighborhoods, every nook and cranny will be filled with eye-catching details, Easter eggs, and hidden collectibles. Players will feel fully immersed in the world of Tokyo Revengers as they explore these locations and interact with the vibrant surroundings.

Tokyo Revenger 3D, Tokyo Avengers
Image via Victor Entertainment

The story of the game closely follows the events of the manga and anime, where a character discovers a unique ability to travel through time and embarks on a mission to change the course of history and prevent the tragic events that haunt his future. Players will embark on an exciting journey through time, encounter familiar characters and engage in intense battles against members of rival gangs.

The development of the game is the result of cooperation between Ken Wakuicreator of Tokyo Revengers and a respected game studio, Victor Entertainment, known for his expertise in action-oriented titles. The game aims to capture the essence of popular manga and anime series by offering players an immersive gaming experience set in the terrifying world of Tokyo street gangs.

Tokyo Revengers 3D is set to launch Japan in Winter 2023. As for the rest of the world, there is currently no new information, but we will let you know as soon as we hear about it.

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