Persona 3 Reload Listed For Nintendo Switch At Game

Last week, Atlus finally confirmed which platforms Persona 3 Reload is coming to, notably leaving out the Nintendo Switch. Many thought this meant it wouldn’t be available on the handheld hit, but a new trailer and store listing seem to say otherwise.

As reported by Insider Gaming, a Twitter user with the nickname @ScrambledFaz found an unreleased Atlus trailer that included ‘Nintendo Switch’ in the video’s description among the platforms it’s coming to. This trailer has since been uploaded (meaning it’s no longer unlisted) and the Nintendo Switch mention removed. However, UK retailer Game still has the option to purchase “Persona 3 Reload – Nintendo Switch”.


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You can select Xbox Series X, PS5, and Nintendo Switch from the format dropdown menu. You can then pre-order the game for £64.99. This could be an error on Game’s part, but if it is, it would mean canceling all pre-orders for the platform. It also doesn’t appear in the end title of the trailer, supporting concerns that it’s a mistake. Until Atlus clarifies, we can’t say for sure.

No other details are listed on the game’s page, other than the appearance of a Nintendo Switch in the dropdown menu. It’s worth noting that it also has an alternate release date of December 31, 2023, as Atlus hasn’t announced when Persona 3 Reload will launch. All we know is that it will be released in early 2024, although it is not clear when exactly.

Game isn’t the only retailer to list a Switch version, as Play Asia has also included a pre-order page for the platform at $74.99 USD. However, trying to achieve this now gives a “404 Not Found” error because it has been removed. The game page is still open at the time of writing.

The Persona 3 remake has been a leaky mess ever since it was ‘revealed’. Trailers for it and Persona 5 Tactica were accidentally uploaded by Atlus themselves ahead of the Xbox Showcase on Instagram, giving us our first look at the game. We saw a revamped Tartarus Labyrinth, combat, and new Life Sim elements inspired by Persona 5. Eventually, a trailer was released that correctly announced the game, but was mired in confusion. Not only is it unclear if it will come to the Nintendo Switch, fans have been wanting to know which version of P3 the remake will use as a base. As it turns out, this is the base version, which means we won’t see FES or portable content.

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