Hundreds Of PlayStation Fans Sign Petition To Make Starfield PS5 Exclusive

We’ve known for a while now that Starfield will be an Xbox console exclusive, leapfrogging the PlayStation. It will also launch on PC, but for anyone sticking to console gaming, there’s only one platform choice. This isn’t surprising – Xbox is owned by Bethesda, after all, so why not acquire this as an exclusive to compete with Sony’s impressive first-party lineup?

Some PlayStation enthusiasts, however, are having a hard time coming to terms with the news. In fact, a whole bunch of them got together to sign a petition trying to force Bethesda to launch Starfield exclusive on PlayStation. With just a few months left until Starfield’s launch, some console warriors believe it’s not too late for the studio to make such a sweeping change, with a petition approaching 1,000 signatures.


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The best part about this is that the petition was almost certainly started by a troll, probably an Xbox fan making fun of PlayStation enthusiasts. Either that or someone dives into the whole console wars concept like we all should, to be honest. Of course, that didn’t stop him from reaching nearly 1,000 signatures. So let’s just point and laugh at some of the lines in the petition that all these people are signing.

“For over a decade, Bethesda games have been released on PlayStation,” the petition reads. “They run better, perform better and sell better on PlayStation. Xbox and especially Phil Spencer have NO BUSINESS taking it [sic].

Star field

“Xbox and its 12 dedicated players do NOT deserve Starfield or any kind of exclusivity. Not only are they arrogant and annoying, they’ve been annoying since launch.”

He then suggests that if the petition is unsuccessful, PlayStation fans should protest outside stores on the day of the launch. He even presents a plan to contact political representatives, although I’m not sure for what purpose.

It’s so stupid, yes has being a troll… right? Well, I’m going to run on the idea that it is, because there’s no way anyone is going to spend the day of the Starfield launch trying to get in touch with local politicians. I hope not, though.

It’s funny that some people signed the petition just to talk about it in the comments, knowing that their signature doesn’t really mean anything. I mean, not only is it too late to make any kind of change to console exclusivity, but there’s also no magic number that needs to be reached for Bethesda to simply no longer own Xbox. So, just sit back, relax and enjoy the brawl of console war.

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