Team Dynamic Duo crowned champions of UNO! Mobile Wildcard Series Duos Invitational 2023

Mattel163 is excited to announce the winners of the opening UNO Mobile Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational 2023. He won the championship Team Dynamic Duo, consisting of Kris from the USA and Dschini from Germany, who won after a series of rounds in an unpredictable 2v2 format ONE! Mobile. The team secured the top prize 4444 dollars in an exciting competition that took place over the weekend.

The event featured eight teams, each consisting of two players who were selected from the many entries submitted by a vibrant community across the country. USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain. Participants took part in an exciting tournament where they collaborated with their partners, shared innovative strategies and competed against other teams to strive for the ultimate victory.

The 2023 UNO Mobile Wildcard Series Duos Invitational champions reflected on their victory

In Kris’s second tournament win, following their previous tournament win Community Cup debut December 2022, expressed gratitude and humility. Kris emphasized the importance of chemistry developed over years of playing UNO! together, allowing them to use well-honed strategies at key moments in the tournament.

UNO Mobile Wildcard Series Duos Invitational 2023 8 teams
Image via Mattel163

He felt honored to be crowned the champion in both the inaugural events, admitting that this privilege is given to only one player. Kris expressed immense gratitude to UNO! Mobile to provide a platform to showcase your skills and passion for the game.

Kris’ teammate, Dschini, expressed his gratitude that they met Kris through UNO! Mobile, which led to a friendship that lasted nearly three years. They emphasized the deep understanding they shared, often communicating without words, and emphasized the extraordinary harmony between them. Dschini extended thanks to UNO! A mobile community to create opportunities to connect with such wonderful individuals.

UNO Mobile is constantly striving to promote inclusivity, and the 2023 Wildcard Series: Duos Invitational provided the ideal platform to showcase how diverse individuals from different cultures, genders, and age groups have forged connections through their shared passion for UNO! Mobile.

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