How To Shiny Hunt With Massive Mass Outbreaks In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Update 1.1 on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, also known as Daybreak, brought several new features to the game. Two new battle gauntlets were added to give players more reasons to keep coming back, but perhaps the most important addition was the massive mass breakouts.

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As their name suggests, these special events are even bigger versions of the mass outbreaks that have been in the game since launch, and feature around 15 separate Pokemon outbreaks in the Hisui region area. Tackling something of this magnitude can be a daunting prospect, but this guide will cover everything you need to know to get the most out of the new massive mass eruptions.


Updated June 22, 2023: We’ve updated this article for readability, so you can easily find out how to get massive mass bursts, fire them up in your game, and use them for a shiny hunt.

What are large mass eruptions?

pokemon legends arcues massive mass outbreaks hisui map

While a regular mass outbreak will spawn a single instance of a Pokemon type, four at a time, up to a total of 16, mass bursts spawn more of these spawning hordes – usually 15 or more – all over the map of the area you’re in.

Additionally, once you’re done with a given Pokemon horde, there is a chance that another horde of Pokemon will appear. These can be the second wave of the first type, developed forms of the first type, or even Alpha Pokemon.

Like their less massive counterparts, massive mass eruptions increased the shiny oddsalthough not to the extent of regular mass outbreaks.

While regular mass bursts offer a whopping 25 extra shiny scrolls, mass bursts are roughly half that, with 12 extra rolls.

Here’s a table of different odds combinations so you can see exactly what your options are.

Research level

Odds without the shiny charm

Odds with radiant charm

Less than 10

1 of 316



1 of 293

1 in 241


1 of 256

1 of 216

By comparison, the probability of regular mass eruptions is about 1 in 128, so while mass mass outbreaks are smaller, the difference is not huge.

Besides, you can seeing a lot more Pokemon in a mass outbreak to make up for the difference in oddsthe opportunity for a sweet shiny alpha more than makes up for it though.

How to unlock large mass bursts

pokemon legends arcues massive mass outbreaks quest mai in the fieldlands

Unlike normal mass eruptions, massive mass eruptions they will not start spawning on their own.

You have to complete a (quite lengthy) quest to unlock them, which can be triggered by talking to Mai in the Obsidian Fieldlands. This will activate a series of quests where you will explore large mass eruptions in all five areas of the game.

For any large-scale mass outbreak, you will they are tasked with clearing any three hordes they contain (either by capturing or eliminating Pokemon).

Do this and return to Mai, and you will go to the next area to repeat the processgathering more information about the phenomenon each time you do so.

When the quest line is complete, massive mass outbreaks will start occurring randomly in your game just like normal mass outbreaks.

How to complete large mass bursts

pokemon legends arcues mass mass outbreaks revealed map

Massive mass eruptions they generate the same as normal mass outbreaks, as they have a chance to appear every time you travel to Jubilife.

They’re fairly common so you shouldn’t have any real trouble finding them, but if it doesn’t show up, you can head to the area and come back to reroll the spawns.

pokemon legends arcues mass mass outbreaks mais munchlax

Large mass eruptions may occur marked with a question mark above the Hisui region areavisible when you go to leave Jubilife Village.

When traveling to an area with a large mass eruption, you can open your map and see the locations of all the individual hordes of Pokemon.

However, Pokemon types are hidden and instead you only see question marks. Fortunately, this can be fixed with gave Mai’s Munchlax five Aguav berriesat which point all types of Pokemon will be revealed in a massive outbreak.

How long do mass eruptions last?

If you travel to an area with a symbol, you will notice rain (or snow, in the case of Alabaster Iceland). This is how you track a large mass eruption, because unlike regular mass eruptions, mass mass bursts operate on a hidden timer.

As long as it rains, the massive eruption will continue, but when the rain stops, the Pokemon will be gone. During a large mass burst, you will see various messages on the screen to give you an idea of ​​how much time you have left.

You won’t have time to clear every horde during a massive outbreak, therefore, it is an important priority — decide which species you’re most interested in, or if you’re chasing a specific alpha or shiny, and head there first.

There is no set time for how long a massive eruption will last, and if you see “Storm shows no sign of letting up anytime soon,” then you have nothing to worry about. Once you see “The storm may last a little longer,” follows “Looks like the storm is about to clear,” then you know a massive mass eruption is coming to an end.

Great mass eruption icons

While any shock within a large mass eruption has the potential to cause the aforementioned second wave to form, some are guaranteed to have this effect.

These hordes can be identified by the spark icon on the Pokemon icon when you feed Munchlax, it lets you figure out where to go first for the best chance for a cool second wave.

Another type of icon you should be familiar with is the strawberry, which means you can will be rewarded with Aguav Berries for clearing the hordes it appears on.

It’s a great way to get back the berries you’ve spent on unleashing hordes, so if you’re planning on doing a lot of mass bursts, be sure to stop by some Pokemon with strawberry icons to keep your Aguava supplies nice and high.

How to scintillate with large mass bursts

pokemon legends arcues mass mass bursts shiny luxio

Massive mass bursts are seeded, meaning if you want to save before traveling to a mass burst, go and catch as many as you can, then load your save and try again, you’d see exactly the same (probably non-shiny) Pokemon, meaning it’s not a viable way to hunt shinys.

However, there is another side to this if you found the shiny file it would still be there if you reloaded the save.

This means you don’t have to worry about failing, or being able to reload if you find a shiny late in a burst and rush straight to it on your next attempt, giving you more time to see more about the mass outbreak you didn’t cover last time.

One (sort of) exception to the seeding rule is secondary hordes, so if you’re with a horde marked with a spark on the map, you can they preemptively hunt the next second horde.

The seed of this second horde is depending on how you deal with the first horde.

Storage before clearing it and trying different combinations of catching and knocking out will allow you to see different secondary hordes of Pokemon each timewhich gives you the best chance of seeing the shiny.

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