The Best Agents To Play On Ascent In Valorant

Ascent stands out as one of Valorant’s older maps, having been released in June 2020, around the time of the game’s official launch. The map is perfectly balanced to play and has already witnessed some of the most iconic games in various tournaments.

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If you want to shine while playing Ascent in Valorant, you can choose your agents carefully and choose the ones that perform well in general. While your primary preference would be to play an agent that you are in charge of, your team could benefit more from agents that do well on the map. Below is a list of the best agents to play on Ascent.



10 Sage, Sentinel

Image of Valorant's Saga Agent Menu.

Sage was a great sentinel and her ability to heal teammates can be vital regardless of the map she is playing on. Once you get to the Agent Wall, you can effectively use it to block locations like Mid on defense and Defender Spawn and Heaven on offense. You might even learn Grim Walls to benefit even more.

Her slow orbs can also be useful as they can slow down enemies trying to execute one of the two cities. Additionally, Sage’s ultimate can revive teammates, which can change the course of the round.

9 Reyna, the duelist

Image of Valorant's Agent Reyn

Reyna is a decent choice for the Duelist role on the Ascent map. Although not used often in professional play, it is great for regular matchups if you aim well in the game.

For narrow openings, you can use her Leer on B Main or A Main to enter. Additionally, you can use a heal or drop when you get a kill, depending on your situation. Activating her ultimate during clutch situations or to get into fragging will also be great.

8 Fade, the instigator

Image of Valorant's Agent Fade menu.

If you enjoy playing as a starter in Valorant, Fade will be great to use on Ascent. However, it would be necessary to learn the primary stats for her Haunt, because without them you cannot search for enemy presence on offense and defense.

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Other agent abilities like Prowler will also come in handy and can be used to clear difficult positions like Cubby and more. Additionally, you can combo her Seize with other agents’ grenades. The final piece of her kit, the Nightfall ultimate, can be used to take or retake a city.

7 Cypher, Sentinel

An image of Valorant's Agent Cypher menu.

Cypher has a great deck in Valorant and the traps he has up his sleeve make him annoying to play against. In particular, you can set his camera around A Main, Mid, or B to watch enemy movement on the map.

In the meantime, you can place his trips at the entrance of the city you’re setting up to let you know when opponents commit. Lastly, his cages can be used as chimneys or one-liners, and his ultimate can be used on a dead opponent to pick up the location of all other enemies.

6 Astra, controller

Image of Valorant's Agent Astra

Astra is a frequently played controller on the Ascent map in Valorant. Although she is difficult to play, you will be able to dominate your opponents if you know how to use her stars properly.

Like all other controllers, you can use her chimneys to block corners when pushed into place; for example, Defender Spawn and Market on B. On the other hand, her shake and draw abilities will be great during post-plants or retakes. Astra’s Cosmic Divide can also be crucial and can be used to cut off any part of the map with a large wall.

5 KAY/O, instigator

Image of Valorant Agent KAY/O

KAY/O ranks as one of the best recruitable initiators on Ascent, with two initiators being the meta in this map. His ZERO/POINT will be able to reveal the number of enemies in a certain location and suppress them at the same time. At the same time, you can use his FLASH/DRIVE to blind opponents and set up teammates for easy kills.

Additionally, you can use his FRAG/MENT appropriately to push opponents camped in positions like Under Heaven, Pizza, and more. Agent’s NULL/CMD will be valuable between rounds and with enemies lacking the ability to use it could be ideal while your team works to gain control of the city.

4 Killjoy, Sentinel

Image of Valorant's Agent Killjoy

Killjoy is considered by many to be the best initiator in Valorant and is used at all levels due to her well-balanced utilities. Her Alarmbot is perfect for spotting a backstab on an attack and can take first contact and find enemies that are pressing.

Speaking of the agent’s turret, it can deal damage and can be set up accordingly in places like the Defender Spawn Boxes on B or the Generator. Once they get to her Nanoswarms, they’ll be ideal for post-factory scenarios, and the training figures will help provide rounds. Lockdown ultimate will also greatly aid offense and defense.

3 Sleep, instigator

Image of Valorant's Agent Owl

Along with KAY/O, Owl is the perfect starter to play on the Ascent map. The information he can provide can be critical, and the many wall-cracking spots make his revelations a B-side godsend.

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In addition to the reveal, his drone can be used for information and has the ability to search different locations depending on where your team is moving. His Shock Darts will also help you deal damage to opponents, and there’s a ton of lineups you can build. What’s more, Hunter’s Fury ultimate can kill you; many even use it after planting the tip to secure the circles.

2 Omen, supervisor

Image of Agent Valorant's Omen

Omen is the best controller when you want to play the Ascent map on Valorant. His smoke lasts a decent amount of time and you can play guns near them to surprise your opponents.

With many tight angles, you can use agent paranoia to blind opponents and get an easy frag. Additionally, its hidden steps can be used in a number of positions and are perfect for sneaking into places like Tree or Mid. Lastly, From the Shadows ultimate can teleport you anywhere on the map, including positions like the Boathouse and more.

1 Jett, the duelist

An image of Valorant's Agent Jett menu.

Jett’s abilities are outstanding on almost every map, and Ascent is no exception. If you prefer to play Duelist, she should be the first option you should consider on this map. You can use her Dash in aggressive games and she can help you escape. To illustrate, you can peek in the middle, hit, and then run away.

In addition to Dash, the agent’s stacks will provide temporary cover for a short period of time, and you can use her climb to position yourself in unusual angles like the boxes on A. For a tip, her ultimate is awesome and can be used during eco rounds when your team is short on buy .

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