Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Using Frozen Meat To Get Rich Quick

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players are a resourceful bunch, using many tricks and glitches to get weapons and rupees much faster and easier than they normally could. Nintendo recently fixed all known duplication bugs after players started creating loads of diamonds to sell, but the Tears of the Kingdom community is now getting rich quickly from a much less valuable resource – frozen meat.

This duplication bug was recently pointed out by YouTuber No Hypothesis (thanks Eurogamer), who claims it’s a bug that’s been circulating in the Japanese/Chinese community for a while. All it includes is some meat of your choice, a bunch of weapons, and a bunch of Zonait, which will then allow you to endlessly duplicate the meat to your liking.


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No Hypothesis begins by explaining that all you have to do is grab some meat and combine it with a weapon. Gourmet meat is recommended as it sells for the most rupees, and you can only do this with a maximum of 21 meats. Then take all of your meat swords and glue them together with Ultrahand, which then puts the scheme into your autocraft ability.

Next, you’ll want to head to the coldest place you can find, with no hypothesis suggesting Snowfield Stable as the best place. Wait for the temperature to drop as low as possible, then activate your autocraft ability and choose your Cursed Flesh Sword creation. Once you select it, make sure you don’t actually build it or the bug won’t work. Wait a few seconds and a whole bunch of frozen meat should pop out of the air if it’s cold enough, which you can then collect and sell for a tidy profit. If you want more meat, simply pull out the meat sword pattern again.

At 40 rupees a piece, you can imagine how fast the money will come in if you push the bug to the limit and create 21 frozen gourmet meats at once. This bug is currently working in the latest patch, although it’s unknown when Nintnedo will squash this like it did with other duplication bugs, so stock up while you still can.

You don’t even have to sell frozen meat if you want to. Instead, you can use it as a handy transportation device, as Tears of the Kingdom players recently discovered that you can stick frozen meat to your shield to engage in frictionless shield surfing. It’s not the most glamorous way to get around, but at least it’s cost-effective.

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