Where To Find Every Family Memento In Layers Of Fear (2023)

The painter’s story in Layers of Fear (2023) has by far the most collectibles. Some are pretty well hidden and actually impossible to get all of them in a single playthrough due to the game’s branching paths. Keepsakes are among the most important collectibles, as they are essential to unlocking the end of a family.

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The memories you’ve collected are displayed on the wall in the studio between chapters – you don’t necessarily need to find all seventeen, but you’ll want to find as many as you can to ensure you get the ending you want!


Memories – Chapter One

first photo of The Musician in Layers of Fear (2023)

At the beginning of the chapter we will introduce you two pictures, choose one to hang on the wall. Select the image on the right with a green background; a table will appear nearby. Collect wedding photo from the table before proceeding.

In the next room, look to the right to collect a perfume bottle. It’s not technically a Memento, but you’ll need it if you want to get the last page of the journal later.

When you’re done Empty Frames puzzlebe sure to pick up the journal page at the end of the hallway behind the locked door.

When you get to the room that repeats itself over and over again with “Going In Circles” written on the walls. find the flower bottle to the left of the exit after passing through three times. Pick it up and place it on the tray in the fourth room. A photo will appear on a nearby table for you to collect.

Memories – Chapter Two

photo of a musician sitting at a piano in Layers of Fear 2023

When you go through the locked door in the hallway where you hear piano music playing, you will enter a brightly lit room. He is there journal page immediately to the leftand a hair brush a little further to the right. Just like a bottle of perfume, so is a hairbrush needed to get the last page of the log.

In the endless corridor, at the end you will have to choose whether to exit to the right or to the left. Take the left exit with a cart and greenery; You will find the musician’s photo in the room behind him.

Memories – Chapter Three

the painter finds a photo of himself and the musician in layers of fear 2023

When you reach the hallway where you hear the phone ringing, turn around when you pass the phone for the first time. Go back until you reach the phone again; he will materialize on the table near the fence. Answer it, then continue back until you reach the exit. You’ll find a photo on the table just before you leave (although the chest will still be locked).

In the hallway immediately after, slowly move forward until you see a a flash of lightning and hears crying. On this spot, turn around. A new door will appear behind you; open and take the key from the doll in the closet. We continue along the main road; in the next room, the key will open a locked chest which contains the log page.

When you first enter the basement after hunting the corridors, burn the Echo on the table on the left to reveal a diary entry.

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Memories – Chapter Four

the musician's pregnancy photo, redrawn with a crayon, in layers of fear 2023

Behind the candle fire, the main path leads you down the corridor to the right. Search the left side of the hallway here for a choker you’ll need later, and a log page on the right.

As you enter the corridors with “Which Dream Should I Choose?” written on the wall several times go through the corridor, on the walls of which there is a green house drawn with crayons. After doing this three times, a table with a photo of the Musician will appear – collect it before continuing.

Memories – Chapter Five

wedding photo of painter and musician in layers of fear 2023. both faces are scratched.

When you reach another repeating corridor with four doors leading to the same small square room, further down the corridor in both directions. Ignore the door when it unlocks and keep moving until you see the echo near the chest. Burn the Echo and pull the lever behind it. Go back to the open door and watch the creepy sequence in the small room. When you get back outside, the chest will be open, allowing you to collect it log page inside.

You can collect two souvenirs during the elevator ride in chapter five, but you can you only get one each time you play. If you take the elevator down, you will see an open chest on the right side of the corridor when you exit; look inside for a journal page.

If you take the elevator up instead, you’ll find a room with more echoes behind the prison bars. Destroy the right Echo in each cell; when you leave you will get a photo of the musician in the next room.

Memories – Chapter Six

old photo of the painter's house in layers of fear 2023

As you enter the tiled kitchen, open the oven to the left. Burn the Echo inside to get a calendar piece with the couple’s anniversary circled – June 9th. Later, after escaping from the ghost, turn right at the fork find a tunnel with several wooden pillars. Pull the lever on the farthest pillar to open the passage in the middle of the tunnel. There is a chest inside – use the combo 906 (anniversary date) to open it and collect the journal page.

Behind the basement you will find a room with a winch. Turn the crank to reveal Babyface and other failed images. Burn the Echo holding them, destruction of images. In the next room you will find a photo of the house at the nearby dressing room.

In a long corridor, push the carriage all the way. You will get a photo of the Musician with her newborn daughter taped to the door of the next room.

In the room right after the cart, collect the compact mirror on the left. As you proceed, keep an eye on the left. If you collected perfume bottle, hair brush, choker and compactyou will see a picture of the Musician with the back page of the diary attached.

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