How To Complete Traveler’s Superstition Quest In Diablo 4

There are numerous tasks Diablo 4 which represent puzzles for you to solve. They can usually be solved with the emotion system. Emotions are usually used to communicate simple sentences to other players, but they can also be keys to solving the various puzzles found in Sanctuary.

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In Hawezar, along the east coast of Sanctuary, you can encounter the Traveller’s Superstition side quest. This is one of the puzzle-based tasks that require you to use a specific emotion to complete. Below you can see where to start this quest and how to solve the puzzle.

Use the “Hello” emote in front of the statue solve the puzzle. Read on for more details!

How to complete the superstition travel quest

travelers superstition search starting location on the map


You can start the Traveller’s Superstition quest by interacting with A hastily scribbled note in Delta root game region Hawezar. This area is located at east coast of the area, near the shipwrecks along the coast. Unlike some other quests, no prerequisites are required to start this quest; just find the note and you’re good to go.

You can reach this area by heading all the way to the end east of Zarbinzetor south from the forest of Whisper Tree waypoint. Use it “tail” of wrecked boats along the coast as your landmark!

A hastily scribbled note provides a short puzzle to solve to complete the quest. The message reads: “Bow to her and she will see you safely on your way. Ignore her and suffer the fate of these poor fools.”

superstition of travelers healthy emotion before the statue

After interacting with the note, the quest area will show a statue immediately to the left of the note, where you’ll need to use an emote to “treat” yourself. to do this open your emotional wheel (default binding is E on keyboard and D-Pad Up on controller) and select the Hello emotion.

If you use this emote while standing in front of the statue, a chest will appear nearby. Open this chest and the Traveller’s Superstition quest will be completed. Opening the chest will give you some gold, experience and items, as well as 20 reputation points for the Hawezar region.

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