How To Complete Witcher Wannabe In The Witcher 3

Medallion does not mean monster slayer.

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  • How to start a Witcher Wannabe
  • How to deal with a scammer

Wizard 3 doesn’t bring much glory to the monster slaying profession. While Geralt and his fellow wizards provide a valuable service to society, they do not command much respect or wealth. Nevertheless, the man chooses to masquerade as a wizard in the Witcher Wannabe quest in the town of Lindenvale in Velen.

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This quest requires you to complete the monster slaying contract before it starts and then this impostor will start living the glamorous life of a wizard. We’ll help you complete the initial quest requirements before guiding you through a brief investigation into this supposed sorcerer.


How to start a Witcher Wannabe

A screenshot of Geralt talking to the ealdorman in Lindenval along the main village road on a sunny morning.

This task will only start after you the perfect deal: The Merry Widow in Lindenval. A few days after monster end the Ealdorman Lindenvala will be waiting at the Treaty Committee. He is angry with the other wizard and greets Geralt with insults about his profession.

You may find a notification with the title A wizard is wanted!” in Crow’s Perch, Oreton and Downwarren. This notification is an indication that the task is ready to start, even though it is he will not start the search himself.

The Ealdorman tells Geralt that the wizard recently took up work for the village, but has yet to show any results despite enjoying his hospitality and daughter for the past two days. If you agree, Geralt will to investigate the wizard and the search will begin.

How to deal with a scammer

Screenshot of The Witcher 3 dialog menu with two options to choose from.

This mysterious wizard is in the graveyard where you fought Mourntart. Instead of a deadly tomb, you will face single ghoul, which should not match your skills.

After killing the monster, Geralt confronts the impostor hiding behind the coffin. It doesn’t take long for a person’s assumed identity to fall apart or to a couple of villagers to get close to Geralt.

At the end of the search, you will have to choose. Either a cover for a man let him live or leave it to the village judiciary. they exist no further consequences for your decision.

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