How To Complete Keys Born Of Water Side Quest In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm Shrines often contain challenging puzzles, but sometimes the puzzle is just that the shrine appears. This applies to the Jochisiu Shrine in West Necluda, which has an entire sidequest.

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The Keys Born Of Water quest will give you access to the shrine at the river entrance to the famous Dueling Peaks. However, you will have to solve a puzzle that can be difficult in order to save yourself. How can Link control and shape water? Here’s how.

Where to find the Water Born Keys and the Jochisiu Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom Keys Born of Water map location


The Keys born of water side quest and Location of Jochisiu Shrine they are in West Necluda, just west of Dueling Peaks. It is a little northeast of Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. If you take the road that goes between the peaks, along the Squabble River, you will see a large piece of fallen sky island covered with distinctive yellow trees.

Just below that are the Steward Construct and three standing tablets with diamond-shaped slots. Also on the right are some Zonai Emitters, some flint, and a extinguished campfire. Talk to Steward Construct and he will give you the Keys Born of Water quest.

Keys Born Of Water puzzle solution

Received Tears of the Kingdom Keys Born of Water quest

Steward Construct says this offering the three “water-born keys” to the altars will reveal the sanctuary, but doesn’t offer any instructions on how to turn water into keys. The answer is actually simple: with creating ice keyswhich you can then move around using Ultrahand.

First time, check nearby Zonai Emitters by hitting them to find one ice and one fire. Use it Emitter of fire to light a nearby bonfire. Grab an Ice emitter with the Ultrahand and carry it to the river. Activate it and direct a freezing blast into the water, creating a square slab of ice.

Tears of the Kingdom Keys Born of Water using Ice Emitter to craft keys

Pick up this ice cube with Ultrahand and take it to the altar. Rotate it until it is diamond shaped, like altars. Assuming it’s still large and hasn’t melted much, put it in the largest altar on the left.

If it succeeded, the altar should withdraw into the ground.

How to unlock Jochisiu Shrine

TOTK Keys Born of Water answers and inserts the first key

The slots for the second and third altar are significantly smaller, but luckily the game is smart about it. Freeze another block with the ice emitter and spin it into a diamond shape again. But this time hold the block near the campfire until it melts down to a smaller size. Must be about half its initial size for the second altar and a quarter for the third altar.

If too much melts, start over with a new block. They don’t have to be absolutely perfect, as there is some room for maneuver with each.

TOTK Keys Born of Water melting ice to make keys

Continue until all three altars are lowered into the ground. Then a green crystal will appear in the upper area and spawn Jochisiu Shrine. Head up and unlock it when you’re ready.

There are no other puzzles inside, just a chest with a large battery and the usual blessing light.

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