How To Get All The Endings In Metro: Last Light

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  • How many endings are there?
  • How to unlock endings

A stellar and successful sequel to the original cult classic Metro game. Last Light took the bleak frozen future of Russians trapped in a twisted and terrifying underground railway network and took it in unique, interesting and at times quite surreal directions as we once again slipped into the shoes of everyone’s favorite underground survivor, Artyom.

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Much like the first game, the end of this unusual story culminates in a finale that changes based on your actions throughout the game, and if you’re not aware of it, it can be very easy to hit a finale you might not have intended. Triggering a certain ending is also pretty silly and you never know which ending you’re going to get until you reach the final stage. But whether you’re watching the sequel for the first time or a veteran returning to the Russian tunnels looking to unlock an alternate ending, here’s a handy guide on how to get to all the endings in Metro: Last Light.


How many endings are there?

Metro: Last Light - Miller gives Artyom the command to initiate self-destruction

There are a lot of them two endings in Metro: Last Light. First is the good ending, which is called “Redemptionn” and is considered to be final canon both in the game series and in sequel to Metro: 2035. The other end is the bad end, it’s called “This is life”, it is non-canonical, and like the rest of the game suitably gloomy and a little depressing.

Like the previous Metro game, there is an ending that you unlock based on a hidden morale point system which is created in the background as you go through the story. Rewarding with either positive or negative points which are related to choices made through play.

Metro: Last Light - Red Army destroyed by blasting D6

It is not difficult to focus on it collecting one set of points over another once you figure it out which actions reward which a set of points. Although you won’t really know if you were successful until the last recording kicks in.

How to unlock endings

Metro: Last Light - Spartans standing against the Red Army

Unlike other games where you usually have things like saving a specific characterI’m going there a certain place in the world or simply Selecting the Deus Ex Machina buttonif you want to unlock the endings, you will have to score one of two points until the end of the game through Morale point system.

For example, if you only have a few zero or negative morale pointsthe Bad End will be unlocked while if you have a large collection of positive moral pointsA good ending will be triggered.

Moral points

Metro: Last Light - Lethal and non-lethal options for taming guards

To help you build your own good or bad karmahere’s a quick overview of how the morale point system works and a few advice on what to do or avoid when you run around in these dilapidated tunnels.

For starters, positive morale points are attached to positive actions performed in-game, for example covertly, choosing non-lethal options when removing fuses, level exploration finding additional items on corpses stored in secret places and in general to be a good and moral person in subways.

Metro: Last Light - A Russian soldier surrenders to Artyom

Is that it giving bullets to beggarstalking to NPCs or being in the right place at the right time when a the pulse of a special story is happening. When you earn a positive point the screen will flash and you will hear the sound of whisperingit’s very noticeable, so you’ll know when it happens.

However, if you are looking for get rid of your morale points then basically you have to to be the most horrible person Metro system ever seen.

Metro: The last light - Artjom, who lurks in the dark

for example choosing deadly options when dealing with soldiers or NPCs, killing the surrendering guardsexcessive killing of certain mutants, theft from humans, is witness to something truly terrible and in general to be an absolutely horrible human being.

Although it is little melt system to have, to serve a purpose. It is hinted throughout the game that Baby Dark One watches Artyom and judging his actions.

Metro: Last Light - The Dark Ones Leaving The Metro

This is then supposedly used judge whether the Spartans and the other people of Metro are worth the solution. It’s an interesting way to do it, but it can be frustrating because it’s often unclear where positive moral points can be collected.

There is a an excess of positive morale points throughout the play to the point that it is more than you actually need to earn a ‘Good Ending’.

Warning: Spoilers for the endings of Metro Last Light

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It’s over

Metro: Last Light - The Baby Dark One In The Distance

If you find it hard to figure out, Morale point system if you happen to hit the wrong end, then don’t worry.

If you don’t care about spoilers, here it is a brief summary of what happens in each ending after you come to train from Polis back to D6.

A good ending

Metro: Last Light - Artyom is helped by Baby Dark One before he activates Self Destruct

At both ends, The Red Army attacks D6 and transcends their position. It is brutal fight that puts down a ton pickups and ammunition on you when it starts as the last level of the game is basically a horde mode that you can never win.

In Redemption Ending, Artjom is lying on the ground But Miller is injured and Korbut will kill them both. But before that happens, Miller orders Artyom to activate the self-destruct mode of the D6 base so as not to fall into the hands of the Red Army. Artjom crawls towards him and eats just before detonating the explosives wired around the base, but before he can, he is stopped by Baby Dark One.

Metro: Last Light - The Dark Ones hypnotize the Red Army

Suddenly time seems to freeze for a moment as the camera shows many Red Army soldiers intent on killing the Rangers, Miller and all of Artyom’s other friends at the front. Suddenly a a multitude of dark ones appear, everyone stretches out their arms towards a Red Army soldier. Then time returns to normal as shown by the game many scenes from around the metro as Artjo tells the end.

It has been shown, The Dark Ones hypnotized the Red Army soldiers at the last minute, making them turn towards each other as Soviet remnants shoot each other. It’s revealed most of the Spartans and Uhlman died in the battle, but they were survivors. for example Miller is still alive and in charge of the Polis, but he is now in a wheelchair after losing his legs in combat at D6.

Metro: Last Light - Miller alive after D6 battle

Khan disappeared into the subwayand Artjom met with dark ones which were stored under D6 but were awakened Baby Dark One as scene a shows field on the surface Briefly. Here, the young Dark One tells this to Artyom he and his relatives are leaving as it were better for everyonebut that they will return some day in the future to help humanity and coexist peacefully with it.

While Artyom remarks that for all the humanity and flaws of the underground tunnel survivor, perhaps indeed to earn forgiveness and redemption after all since The dark ones decided to save those in D6.

Bad ending

Metro: Last Light - Artyom Accepting His Death as D6 explodes

A bad ending or “C’est La Vie” as it is called, it is the most common final to unlock if the game was played without following the morale point system, or simply didn’t know about it. This also applies to the timeline of the Metro series non-canonical.

In this ending, Artyom sets off an explosive in D6he solemnly closes his eyes as the entire city begins to detonate. Artyom’s life is spinning before his eyes when he hears dead mother’s voice I tell him that he has nothing to fear now.

Metro: Last Light - Artyom's mother during the flashback

Red Army breaks ranks and tries to escapebut the bang overwhelms them and the entire D6 base is destroyed with the Dark Ones supposedly stored below escape alone while leaving those in D6 up to fate.

Years later, Anna is shown telling her and Artyom’s son about the courage of his father and the ominous return of the dark in the future. A hint that it might not be a particularly friendly encounter.

Metro: Last Light - Anna tells her son about his father Artyom

There is a a little hint right at the end of the game on the train to D6 about what kind of ending you deserved. It is related to the statements of the Dark One child. If he says he will asks the other Dark Ones to help the Rangers you have unlocked the good ending. If he is talking about just save your familyyou get a bad ending.

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