Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 v25.10 update introduces Cloak Gauntlets, Flare Guns, and more

Fortnite releases a new update every season Fortnite releases a new update that keeps players interested in the game. And now, Fortnite v25.10 update has arrived in the game and here’s what players can expect from the latest content update Chapter 4 Season 3. This update introduces a new Coat gloveswithout arch Flare GunSpring chickens and more for fans.

Fortnite Creative v25.10 update: Key highlights

Coat gloves

Wear Kinetic Ore Cloak Reflective Gloves to embrace stealth. On the floor and in chests, you’ll find cloak gloves that allow you to blend in almost seamlessly with your surroundings. Before the gloves cool down, you’ll only be protected in kinetic ore for a short time, but since they have infinite charges, you can cover yourself multiple times.

Fortnite v25.10 update
Image via Epic Games

While wearing Cloak Gauntlets to hide, you cannot attack, although you can end cloaking early by removing them or switching to another item in your inventory.

Wildguard Relika Cloak Gloves

Fortnite v25.10 update
Image via Epic Games

The wild guard Relik appeared in the jungle. If you defeat this boss, you can get the Wildguard Relika Cloak Gloves. With this mythic version of the gloves, and with a reduced cooldown, you’ll be able to cover yourself with reflective kinetic ore for longer periods of time.

Relic’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle

Fortnite v25.10 update
Image via Epic Games

Last week saw the premiere of the MK-Alpha assault weapon, a fully automatic assault weapon with a built-in red dot sight. And now a mythical version of the Wildguard Relic is present on the island; upon defeat, he not only loses his Cloaked Gloves, but also his MK-Alpha Assault Rifle! Grab this mythical weapon and deliver a powerful blow.

Flare Gun

Fortnite v25.10 update
Image via Epic Games

As if the temperature in the jungle wasn’t already scorching enough, the Flare Gun was insane! Use the light gun to unleash a spreading fire on your opponents’ structures. Don’t want to deal with the heat of someone else’s light gun? To avoid being tagged, cover yourself with mud! Flare Guns are available both on the ground and on chests.

Shockwave grenades in building zero

Shockwave Grenades in version 25.10 are now available from the floor and chests for players in Zero Build.

Two new Reality Augments

Two new Reality Augments arrived in the v25.10 update. Augment your reality with:

Mud Warrior
Image via Epic Games
  • Mud Warrior: Your health and shield will regenerate when you are in or covered in mud.
smk ext mag
Image via Epic Games
  • SMG Advanced M.Sc: Your SMGs will now have an increased magazine size.

Tracker’s Armory Reality Augment is also not vaulted. Use this augmented reality to activate the flare gun and shadow tracker.

footnote: This season they will be unlocked immediately when the new Reality Augments are released and the older ones are intact.

Fortnite Update v25.10: Miscellaneous Updates

  • Heavenly jellies and chickens are vaulted.
  • Both wolf and wild boar populations have declined.
  • The number of fishing locations has decreased.

Fortnite Update v25.10: Ranking Reset

Rankings for everyone in Ranked Season Zero for Battle Royale and Zero Build in v25.10. Before the start of Chapter 4, Season 4 of Ranked, this is a scheduled ranking reset test.

The Ranked Urgent Quest was not reset to zero during the season. However, the appearance of your Burn Bright Emote can change to match your new Battle Royale or Zero Build score. Your rankings in 10/25 were affected by your rankings during the reset, exactly as they would be during ranked seasons.

New Super Level styles are now available

Fortnite v25.10 update
Image via Epic Games

Players progressing above level 100 now have access to bonus styles for the Battle Pass Chapter 4 Season 3 Battle Pass in the bonus rewards area of ​​the Battle Pass menu. Super Level Styles from Chapter 4 Season 3 have been included as extra rewards with version 25.10!

Fashion Super Level this season? Gaining access to the Wildscorch, Confetti Claw, and Regal Hunter styles for the Mariposa, Rian, Lorenzo, Relik, and Trace outfits requires progressing past level 125 in Chapter 4, Season 3.

Fortnite Update v25.10: Competitive Notes

Currently, tournaments do not include Wildguard Relik, Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, or Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle.

ICYMI: In Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3, your rank will be a requirement to participate in tournaments run by Epic, among other things. This includes competitions with cosmetic prizes, such as the FNCS Community Cups, as well as competitions with cash prizes, such as the Console Champions Cup. The specific placement requirement for some tournaments running this season is listed here or in the tournament’s official rules.

Tournament Request for ranking
FNCS Community Cup Bronze I in Ranked Battle Royale
Duos Fill Cup Silver I in Ranked Battle Royale
Zero Build Duos Fill Cup Silver I in ranked zero building
Solo Victory Cash Cup Gold I in Ranked Battle Royale
Zero Build Duos Victory Cash Cup Gold I in ranked zero building
Duos Cash Cup Gold I in Ranked Battle Royale
Champions Cup on console Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale
FNCS Major 3 Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale

As a reminder, please also use the in-game reporting features and our official tournament support Discord to report any suspicious behavior you see during the tournament. Additionally, you can report any errors you encounter while playing a tournament on this Discord server.

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