All Marriage Candidates And How To Get Married In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

In the game as is A Tale of the Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life, you are encouraged to get married from the very beginning as Takakura comments on how you should find love sooner rather than later. With eight marriage candidates in It’s a Wonderful Life, you’re sure to find someone you like among this unusual cast of characters.

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If you’re not there by the end of the first year, someone will find you for you. Our guide will teach you everything you need to know about love in It’s a Wonderful Life, from who the marriage candidates are to how to get married before your second year.

How does romance work in a wonderful life?

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When you first arrive in the Forgotten Valley, Takakura tells you on the first day that you should start meeting of marriage candidates in the Forgotten Valley, with a goal get married sooner rather than later in my mind.

Each character has a friendship meterbut eight marriage candidates will also have affection meters this song is also for you how romantic they feel against you.

like friendship affection is influenced by talking to them and giving them gifts they like regularly. This gauge will increase for all characters in the first year when you make friends and spend time with people around town.

However, when it comes down to it, you are can only settle down with one personso pick a favorite and make sure you give them gifts often enough to consistently strengthen their relationship.

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All marriage candidates in a wonderful life


Where they live

Encyclopedia entry


Vesta’s farm

“A nature-loving farmer whose family is closely connected to Vestina. Caring for crops and flowers is her passion.”


Gordy’s Yard

“An artist of rare words. If he’s not punching metal, he’s probably thinking about it.”


Gustaf’s yurt

“A bard who marches to the beat of his own drum. Above all, he appreciates music and nature.”



“Romana’s granddaughter. She is often found practicing the piano at the Villa.”


Vesta’s farm

“Vesta’s dark younger brother. Shy, but tends to be harsh on others.”


Bluebird Cafe

“A sweet, bubbly lady who moved from the city to the Forgotten Valley. She works part-time at the Bluebird Cafe.”


Inn Rent-Over

“An introverted traveler staying at the Lei-Over Inn. Her past is shrouded in mystery.”


“The laid-back son of Tei and Lou. If there’s a job to be done… he’s not doing it.”

Although you probably will develop friendships with all these characters according to the neighborhood and see more character heart events throughout the game, only you can decide who you end up with.

Seeing a clip of a character doesn’t mean you’re dating – in A Wonderful Life you are either single or marriedwithout anything in between, so don’t worry if you see multiple signs feeling affection for you.

Is there a same-sex wedding in Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life?

Another update to the original game, now you can to marry someone regardless of your farmer’s gender or pronouns in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

Spouses call each other “partner” no matter who you married or how you made your farmer, so whoever caught your eye, you can move!

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Give someone a blue feather for their first year of marriage

Whereas over time you are forced to marry if you have someone’s eye and yours the affection level is high enoughyou can give the Blue Quill to someone to request at any time during the first year.

You will know the chosen marriage candidate like you enough to marry you after you are seen each of their five scenes. Can also check their diary or information about hearts in their ratio in your bag menu to check where they are with each other.

If you give someone a blue pen and they acceptthe marriage scenes are triggered immediatelyinstead of at the end of the second year as is the default.

You have to get married in a wonderful life

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If you haven’t taken romantic matters into your own hands by the very end of your first year, you have forced to marry before moving to another year.

If this happens, Takakura will enter your home after you are asleep for the night Winter ten, first yearand he will tell you so someone is waiting outside for you.

Then you get a list of names to choose from all romantic candidates for whom you have a strong enough affection that they would marry you if you offered them your blue pen first.

Anyone who is not sympathetic enough will be missing out off the list, so make sure you chase your dream partner for a whole year so you can’t marry them later.

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After choosing your spouse, you will see a long but rather wonderful one video where you and your new partner tell everyone in town about your upcoming wedding.

The the scene is different for each characterand townspeople react differently depending on who you choose to marry.

Other marriage candidates may show signs of jealousy during this clip.

When everyone in town knows, you will called into the forest at night by the Forest Sprites, where you will then enjoy a rather peaceful wedding ceremony alone with your spouse.

Your child is decided during your marriage

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After you exchange your vows, your new spouse will broach the subject childrensaying they hope your family will expand sooner rather than later. They then ask if you would prefer a boy or a girl when the time comes.

Then you have three options which you can choose from when you answer:

  • You can I’m hoping for a boy to provide you and your new spouse with a son.
  • Say you would I prefer a girl to lock at a daughter.
  • Or tell your spouse you have no preference enable the game decide randomly for you.

Every marriage candidate will have a child with you after a time skip, first moving into your second year bedroom and growing up until the end of the game.

The child you have changes depending on who you marrywith children often defaulting to following the other parent.

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