Clash Royale fan shares a Mega Knight Evolution concept card with ability to create walls per jump

Clash Royale card concepts from the r/ClashRoyale Reddit community were full of brilliant ideas for introducing some concepts in the future. It again showed an interesting concept of the surroundings Evolution of the cardwhere a Clash Royale fan shared a Mega Knight An Evolution concept card with the ability to create walls for every jump it makes. Are you wondering how? In this article, we delve into the details of this exciting concept.

Each jump of Mega Knight creates a ring of walls around him

The name behind it is u/MehmetSalihKoten, who is widely recognized in the community, especially for sharing interesting card concepts like Magnet Building card, Troop Descent Balloon, Clock Tower card concept, Fan card conceptand Dark Fisherman concept. This time try out the recently introduced card evolution for one of the popular cards, Mega Knight.

Mega Knight Evolution Concept
by u/MehmetSalihKoten in ClashRoyale

In a concept video shared by a fan, we can see Mega Knight in action, acting normally until he jumps. After landing, along with the area damage it causes, it creates a wall ring around itself that prevents soldiers from entering or leaving. Simply put, soldiers are trapped with MK.

This seems like a great idea for a Mega Knight card as it seems like the right way to keep an already strong card balanced. While the 0 cycles suggested by the creator seems a bit unbalanced since we don’t currently have any cards with zero cycles, we’ll have to see if this card is introduced.

As with previous concept cards, the Clash Royale community has once again shown their enthusiasm for the Mega Knight Evolution card concept. Many of them shared the opinion that the idea of ​​cards is more balanced than those left by Clash Royale. There is currently some discussion waiting to see what cards would be next for Evolution, with reveals suggests Bats and Knight.

What do you think of this Mega Knight Evolution card concept? in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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