Seasonal Festivals In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Once a season in A Tale of the Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life, there is a big festival going on in the Forgotten Valley where everyone from all over the city comes to spend some time together and enjoy each other’s company. Festivals are a great way to bond with select townspeople or just relax and check out some healthy cuts after a busy season on the farm.

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We’ve covered all four celebrations in A Wonderful Life, and below you’ll find full details on each seasonal event in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, including times, dates, extra favor opportunities, and more.


Spring Festival: New Year’s celebration

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As soon as you leave your house Spring onehe will visit you SebastianI tell you that The host is Romana big New Year’s event at Villa that day, from 10:00-17:00.

He asks if you can provide a container for pot luck dinner they want to serve and require you bring the dish you cooked to share.

At any time in this window, go to the Villa where a scene plays with Sebastian so he can take the dish you brought. You can still go to the festival if you don’t bring food., but if you don’t, you’ll miss Romana complimenting your food.

Summer Festival: Fireworks Festival

fireworks summer event story of seasons wonderful life celebration festival guide

On Summer twothere is a fireworks festival on the beach from 6-11 hours (until it’s not raining that day). Charlie and Cole have been busy preparing the show, and the whole town is invited to watch.

Also to trigger an event go to the beach after 6 p.mor go back to your house instead of a personal escort to the festival.

If you are watching the Fireworks Festival in the first yearand you they are not engagedyou will be able to ask someone to watch the fireworks with youwhich will strengthen your affection with them.

Your family will automatically join you after the first year.

Autumn Festival: Harvest Festival

harvest festival fall celebration the story of the seasons a wonderful life a guide to seasonal events

On Autumn fivewho leaves your house that morning causes a person to visit Vestawho came to tell you that she and Lou were going to hold a Harvest Festival that day 10:00-17:00 over at Inn Rent-Over.

They are cooking a stew, so Vesta asks you bring a crop or edible animal product from your farm to contribute to the massive dish.

If you enter the inn during this time frame, a cutscene will appear with Lou taking your offering. You can still go to the festival if you didn’t bring a crophowever, the recording takes place a little differently.

Winter Festival: Starlight Concert

winter event star concert gustafina yurt story of seasons wonderful life festival event guide

On Winter five honey 6-11 hours (again, until the weather is nice), Gustaf will hold a concert in his Yurt. Also to launch a concert go to Gustaf’s yurt in a certain time frame, or to return home to accompany him there.

Yours first year, you can ask someone to watch with youand throughout the night you will have several opportunities to approach the person you asked.

The family automatically rejoins you after the first year.

When the music is done, it will glimpsesand you can wish for something. You are presented with four options that usually reflect relationships or income.

You get what you wantso choose wisely!

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