Ovenbreak Season 8 “The Living Deep Sea City” brings a new episode, new events, and more

New ones Season 8 from Cookie Run: OvenBreakwith Title A living deep sea cityhe presented Devsisters. In this exciting installment, adventurous cookies will have the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey together with Lobster Cookie and Mocha Ray Cookie. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to unlock Electric Eel Cookie and his loyal companion, Bolt Eel, by participating in a variety of fresh Wandercrab-centric events. The update brings a host of new collectibles, game modes and events for players to enjoy.

The Cookie Run: Ovenbreak Season 8 Update includes:

  • New Episode – New breakout mode main episode, Deep Sea City WandercrabProperties Lobster Biscuits and Mocha Ray Cookie, who went on a quest to revive the fallen Sugarteare. The Cookies navigate through seas full of obstacles and head for the deep-sea city of ‘Wandercrab’, created by the mysterious wanderer Cookies.
  • New Breakout mode – In this new Breakout mode, players can now run with 20 cookies. With the number of runners now doubled, players can mix and match different combinations of cookies and pets to create the best list suitable for maximum speed.

  • A new cookie – Watchman and Guardian Wandercrab, The Electric cookie with eel it is indispensable to the Wandercrab, as it not only repels sea monsters and enemies, but also powers the city’s lights by consuming large amounts of electricity.
  • A new pet This shocking female passenger was attracted to the Electric Eel Cookie by the strong current. Bolt Eel not only does it shoot electricity at obstacles and destroy them, but it can cause a chain reaction to other obstacles and destroy them.
  • A new treasure The update offers other rewards including Bubble submarine and new They want the Zap-n-Zoom set. Additionally, there will be new costumes for Mocha Ray Cookie, Electric Eel Cookie, and pet costumes for Bolt Eel and Mini Orange Mouse.
New Cookie Run Ovenbreak Season 8
Image via Devsisters
  • New Event Modes – In Season 8, adventure cookies can find rich rewards beneath the depths in two new event modes.
    • Living Deep Sea City: Z Deep Sea Tokens players can receive rewards such as magical ingredients of legendary cookies, etc. For those who want to explore the deepest depths of the sea, The hard way you can unlock when you reach a certain level to earn even more loot.
    • Infinite Chest Event: Infinite chests can be earned through a special calendar for application and other events in Season 8. Once Cookie unlocks the Infinite Chest, items such as Cookies, Pets, Treasures, Cookie Costumes, and Season 8 Coins can be found. These Season Coins can be exchanged for rewards in the Season Store, including lobby designs seasons 8 and up.

For more information about the Cookie Run Ovenbreak Season 8 update, players can visit the official website.

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