Diablo 4 Has Gear So Rare That Fans Are Arguing Over Whether To Farm For It

Diablo fans are well aware that one of the biggest parts of the game is spin. Each game has tons of rare drops for players to find, with only the most dedicated players willing to spend enough time to grab the rarest loot on offer. Diablo 4 is no exception, although there are a handful of items that the vast majority of players will never obtain, no matter how long they try to find them, and are causing a stir among the Diablo faithful.

Earlier this month, lead game designer Adam Jackson had to provide fans with proof that six of Diablo 4’s rarest unique items actually exist, giving us details on where to find them and which enemies will drop them. These items include Doombringer, Grandfather, Starless Sky Ring, Image of Andariel, Harlequin Crest, and Molten Heart of Selig. However, they also pointed out that these items are “really rare”, which turned out to be true as only a handful of players have actually gotten one of these items since release.


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As a result, gear is causing fairly frequent arguments among Diablo 4 fans as to whether or not they should bother farming these pieces of equipment at all. A more recent example comes from the game’s subreddit (thanks GamesRadar), as u/Shaka_Walls labels those targeting item farming “ignorant of how abstract the math is in obtaining those items”.

There are many in the thread who agree with u/Shaka_Walls’ position and call for the rates to be raised, while others in the thread point out that the items don’t hurt anyone and are basically just trophies for the most dedicated Diablo 4 players, since these items don’t actually you need to beat any game content.

Frankly, this is an argument that will never have a clear winner, and one that will likely come up again and again as more and more lucky individuals get their hands on these elusive items.

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