Kingdom Hearts Player Reaches Level 100 Without Leaving Destiny Islands

It may seem hard to understand for those who jumped into Kingdom Hearts in the later games, but Sora didn’t start out as an all-powerful Keyblade player. Most of us take Sora on a big ol’ adventure with Donald and Goofy in the first Kingdom Hearts, gaining experience to gather enough power to take on the Heartless, but there are some people who like to prepare a little first.

In fact, some people like to spend over 250 hours on preparation, such as YouTuber Reptilian Pineapple, who spent a ridiculous amount of time getting Sora to level 100 without stepping outside Destiny Islands. For the better part of four months, Reptilian Pineapple slowly accumulated XP by constantly battling Tidus, streaming the entire journey for his viewers on YouTube and TikTok.


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If you’re wondering how that’s even possible, Reptilian Pineapple uses Sora’s glide ability to constantly slide into Tidus and automatically trigger a parry. Normally, parries only give 2 XP, but equipping Tech Enhancements during a grind session raises that total to 6 XP, which is way more than what you’d normally get from simply defeating Tidus in battle. After that, there is only a grueling battle of patience and perseverance, which lasted for an excruciatingly long 252 hours.

If you can believe it, Reptilian Pineapple isn’t actually the first person to do this, with that accolade going to Aaroneous Gaming, who did the job in 2018. But it’s such a hilarious tiem sink that it’s worth a shout-out, and the fact that the last time this happened was in 2018, it should show how much patience you need to do this, along with a lot of love for Sora and Kingdom Hearts.

To see highlights of Reptilian Pineapple’s journey to level 100, you can check out their TikTok and YouTube channels. During the last stream, they also promised to do one last Kingdom Hearts stream where they will use Sora’s incredible power to make it through the entire game. They’ll then move on to Kingdom Hearts 2, which will likely attempt another ridiculous feat of patience and grinding. God’s happiness.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, Square Enix recently released some new merchandise for Kingdom Hearts fans, which is a set of cards based on the ones Sora uses in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Personally, I don’t know why you’d want a reminder that the Chain of Memories exists, but I’m not here to screw anyone over.

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