Aether Gazer version 1.1 update brings new S-Grade Modifiers, exclusive storylines, and more

Ether Gazeron the topic of anime taking action RPGis buzzing with excitement as it unveils its inaugural summer event to coincide with the launch version 1.1 with Title Countertide Whalesong. This latest update brings a number of charming additions for players to indulge in. Participants embark on an underwater adventure, participate in challenging temporary feats, gain two S-level modifiers, and discover enticing fresh costumes.

Aether Gazer version 1.1 reveals the story of Countertide Whalesong and brings new challenges

Countertide Whalesong is scheduled to occur from June 27, 2023 at 4:00 PM (UTC-7) to August 1, 2023 at 3:00 PM (UTC-7). The game update v1.1 disrupts the player’s plans when they unexpectedly go on a sea expedition. While sailing across the vast ocean, their journey takes an unexpected turn as they become involved in a mysterious and dangerous maritime disaster. This marks the beginning of a mysterious summer island adventure known as Sand island and Under the waves.

During the event, players have the opportunity to participate in many challenges, such as Exploring the island, Storm Beacon, Azure Catch, Kingdom of Bubbles, Inverse boundary simulation, Battlefield simulation, and more. Successfully overcoming these trials can earn players a valuable currency called P-FLOwhich can be exchanged for desired items such as Sigil T3 module, Reconstructionists, Origin Radianceand other resources used for cultivation.

Aether Gazer Version 1.1 Update Will Include New Mods, Ultimate Skillchains, and Functors

New modifiers

  • S Class Modifier: Waverender – Skadia: Skadi, a modifier that comes from the Yggdrasill genetic area. Her access key, Waverender, grants her two different battle forms. She excels in both melee and long-range combat, dealing impressive damage.
  • S Tier Modifier: Countertide – Leviathan: Leviathan, the eternally energetic and endearingly naive modifier. Leviathan tends to team up, providing significant resistance bonuses and considerable healing abilities. These qualities made her a popular choice for supporting roles.
  • A-Class Modifier: Thundertusk – Kali: Kali is a member of Asterism Gen-zone. With Thundertusk as the key to access, Kali shows strong mechanics and an impressive damage multiplier. Her Ultimate Skill increases damage for the entire team, further increasing her effectiveness in combat.
Aether Gazer version 1.1 with upgrade level
Aether Gazer version 1.1

New Ultimate Skillchains

Ultimate Skillchain is one of the core gameplay mechanics in Aether Gazer. This update adds three new Ultimate Skillchains:

  • Waves of Thunder(Waverender – Skadi x Thundertusk – Kali)
  • Chillbound (Waverender – Skadi x Drifting Flurry – Leviathan)
  • Tidal Frost (Countertide – Leviathan x Frost Fang – Vidar)

New functors

  • 5 Star Yggdrasill Functor: Elf – Gray: Recommended for Waverender Mod – Harm.
  • 5 Star Asterism Functor: Synchronous – Takshaka: Recommended for Thundertusk – Kali modifier
  • 5 Star Star Functor: Synchronous – Separation: Recommended for Countertide – Leviathan modifier.

The version 1.1 update brings a range of exciting new items to the in-game store

Update v1.1 introduces a selection of attractive additions to the in-game store. They are also among them Summer Lovin Dress for Jin-ei – The best of Jin-ei Summer blush outfit for Early Sakura – Ookuninushi.

These fashion sets allow players to dress up their characters in trendy summer clothes, bringing a renewed and vibrant look to their gameplay. In addition, players are treated to a collection of exclusive Skadi Packs that provide easy assistance in enhancing Skadi’s abilities.

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