Does Pui Ever Go To Coco Island In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life?

There’s a lot going on around Forgotten Valley A Tale of the Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life, but don’t get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that you forget to talk to Pui. A local beggar with butterflies flying around his straw hat, Pui spends most days being humiliated for money.


You have the option to donate to Pui to fund his trip back to his home on Coco Island, but will Pui ever go to Coco Island? No, but it will give you a powerful gear upgrade in exchange for a certain amount of donations in A Wonderful Life.

Donation to Pui

pui humiliation on the bridge the story of the seasons gives a wonderful life to pui


You will meet Pui very soon after you move to the Forgotten Valley, as he lives in the forest with Nature Sprites responsible for giving you most of your early game recipes.

And while the character in the original game was pretty rough, bearded, lively and surrounded by butterflies, Pui spends his afternoons on the bridgegreed for donations to get to Coco Island.

You may also occasionally see him on the beach getting down, but it’s mostly in the spring and pretty inconsistent – he’ll be on the bridge almost every afternoon.

Pui says yes comes from Coco Island and accepts donations for Go backif you can spare him some gold.

When you interact with Pui while he humiliatesyou will have four options:

  • Give it to Pui one gold.
  • Give it to Pui 10 Mr.
  • Give it to Pui 100 g.
  • Refuse give Pui money.

Regardless of the size of your donation, Pui will gratefully accept all gold.

pui when she has enough donations the story of the seasons wonderful life special sickle

However, it will stop accepting your donations after a while – he finally has enough to go to Coco Island! He only has the last one left special award to give to you for your help before it takes.​​​​​​​

How to get a blessed sickle

After maximum friendship with PuiYour eyes will be on Bulletin board when Pui posts a request for a A golden relic.

You it probably increased your friendship with Pui before he too announces his request, in addition to donating regularly.

You can do this by offering him home-cooked meals, but remember that he he will not eat food while he is torturingonly gold.

After accepting Pui’s request from the bulletin board if you don’t already have a golden relic from your time on Dig Sitego up towards the waterfall and go swimming.

pui's message board request story of the seasons wonderful life blessed sickle

It might take you a while to find it, but once you get the golden relic, go for it talk to Pui and tell him you are there about his request. You will trigger a cutscene showing Pui giving your farmer Blessed sicklethe next tool upgrade for Sickle after the gold that Van sells you.

Speaking of which, make sure go see Van next time he’s in town for a cute scene with Van and your friend Pui.

The blessed sickle covers a area 9×9capable harvest of the first two fields in a single swing.

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