How To Grow Better Fruit Trees In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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  • How do fruit trees work in The Story of the Seasons?
  • A complete fruit tree growth calendar

Although you will have plenty of regular crops to keep you busy on the farm A Tale of the Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life, you should not neglect the fruit trees that you can also grow in the Forgotten Valley. With five standard fruits and more than a dozen hybrid fruits, these land-consuming fruit trees take some time to grow, but produce more than a dozen crops from just one plant.

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Our fruit tree guide covers all fruit tree growing seasons and some tips on how to make the most of the space they need with fertilizers to improve the quality of your produce.

How do fruit trees work in The Story of the Seasons?

grape seeds showing growing seasons story of seasons wonderful life how to grow s-rank fruit trees


They are in It’s a Wonderful Life five basic fruit trees can be planted at the beginning of the game, with an additional 13 hybrid fruit trees to be done later in addition to these.

When you plant a fruit treeyou’ll need to leave it some room to grow, which means yes each tree has a total of nine tiles to plant. With careful planting you are can fit six trees in each plot.

Once the trees are planted, they will they need a season to grow. When they are fully developed, there is set season in which there will be a tree blossom before finally fruit production in the season after that.

You’ll want to along the way fertilize your fruit trees consistently, so that they grow, that they develop higher grade fruit. Like crops, the fruit has different stages that affect theirs total selling pricewith the upper classes sell for more.

buying fertilizers the story of the seasons a wonderful life how to grow better crops a farming guide farming tips

You will i need a a lot fertilizers to increase the level of your treesand then, the class increase applies to any fruit harvested from this tree.

But when they are planted, fruit trees do not need to be wateredwhich is a considerable time saver.

Outside fertilization, if you are, are mostly fruit trees idle workwaiting for the plants to be ready for harvest. You will see when they are two fruits of different sizes on a tree – a normal sized piece of fruit and comically shrunken.

Shake the trees so that he stands under them in order to gather your fruits when the time comes. You can get it several harvests per seasonso check your trees frequently for fully ripe fruit.

Seeds are usually sold more expensively with low quality fruits

Depending on the class the fruit you have grown may seem more profitable to you turn into seeds using Seed Maker.

seed maker the story of the seasons a wonderful life how to grow better fruit

For every one piece of fruit you invest, you receive two seeds. Unless the fruit is of high quality due to constant fertilization or breeding, two seeds often sell for more than one fruit.

for example one orange grade B sale for 90 Mrbut two orange seeds made from this orange in the Seed Maker will sell for 140 g (70g each).

It takes a while to remove the seed, and it’s not always worth it if it’s a high-grade crop, but making seeds is a great way to increase the value of low-quality fruit.

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A complete fruit tree growth calendar

bearing and blooming fruit trees story of the seasons wonderful life fruit class better fruit trees

Below you will find all fruit trees in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, as well as information about when they are blossom, when you can harvest them and more.

All fruit trees and when to harvest them

A fruit tree

Where to get seeds

Flowers in

Harvest in

Basic fruit trees


Buy from Vesta, Matthew or Cecilia at their farm









Hybrid fruit trees


Peach + orange




Grape + orange


Grape + peach


Grape + apple


Peach + Trick Blue Flower


Orange + Trick Blue Flower


Banana + Trick Blue Flower


Peach + banana




Peach + apple


Banana + apple


Apple + Trick Blue Flower


Banana + orange




Orange + apple



Experiment with fruit trees, both basic and hybrid, and see what works best for you and your farm!

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