The Most Expensive Box Toppers In MTG’s Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth

Among the many cards released in Magic: The Gathering The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth is a rare and extremely valuable collection of cards called Box Toppers. These cards are exclusively available in special packs that come with every Tales of Middle-earth box, as well as Collector Booster packs.



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Known as Realms and Relics, this collection of cards represents regions and artifacts from Middle-earth, reinterpreted as reprints from past cards of magic. The most valuable of these Box Toppers are the Surge Foil releases, which are extremely rare and appear in less than 1 percent of collectible boosters. Let’s see which of these cards will give you back the dragon horde of gold you need to collect.

10 Henneth Annun – Reflecting Pool Surge Foil – $234.95

Henneth Annun Reflecting Pool card image in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Marc Gorlei

Hidden behind a waterfall in northern Ithilien, Gondor, Henneth Annun is a secret outpost used by Faramir and his overseers against the encroaching Orcs, Goblins and other fallen things of Mordor. At the bottom of the waterfall rests a shallow pool, which the guards fiercely defend against intruders.

Reflecting Pool is a popular command card that helps you fix your mana, especially in decks with three or more suits. Changing the Reflecting Pool to Henneth Annun is a great choice given the many interpretations of the artwork that focuses on the tranquil pool.

9 The Party Tree / The Great Henge Surge Foil – $248.33

Image of The Party Tree The Great Henge card in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Jeremy Paillotin

In the middle of the Party Tree in Hobbiton is the Party Tree and the place where Bilbo revealed that he was leaving the Shire for the last time. Although Saruman, under the guise of Sharkey, would eventually cut it down, Sam replaces it with a rare golden Mallorn tree, a gift from Galadriel.

The adaptation of Great Henge into the Fun Tree is great, as the card was only printed once in Throne of Eldraine. The Surge Foil edition is worth the high price, as is the non-foil version, given how powerful the card is and how it slots into almost any Green Commander deck.

8 The Dead Marshes / Urborg, Tomb Of Yawgmoth Surge Foil – $279.65

Image of The Dead Marshes card Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Erikas Perl

A perfect adaptation for this tragic region of northern Mordor, Urborg, the Tomb of Yawgmoth has been interpreted as The Dead Marshes. This terrible land was once the burial ground for elves, men and orcs who died during the Battle of Dagorlad, where the army of the Last Alliance defeated Sauron.

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Urborg is a staple of many black decks, as his unique ability turns all lands on the battlefield into swamps. Given the amount of ramp black decks can rack up in Commander, it’s no surprise that The Dead Marshes is on this list.

7 Bag End / Horizon Canopy Surge Foil – $299.99

An image of the Bag End Horizon Canopy card in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Randy Gallegos

Cozy doesn’t even describe how comfortable Bag End looks on this card. A slightly steaming cup of tea is placed in front of a diary, a plush chair and the soft light of late afternoon.

Horizon Canopy fits the bill as Bag End’s interpretation, as it is the starting point for so many of the characters’ adventures in The Lord of the Rings. You have to sacrifice the comforts of home to see the world, and the return is never guaranteed.

6 Argonath, Pillars Of The Kings / The Ozolith Surge Foil – $299.99

Image of Argonaut, Pillars of Kings, Ozolith card in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Calder Moore

The Argonath, known as the Gate of Kings, lies at the northern end of Gondor, overlooking the river Anduin. The two statues that rise on either side of the river are Isildur and his brother Anarion. Each statue holds an ax in its right hand, with the left raised to deter enemies from entering.

Converting Argonath to Ozolith helps protect your team by redistributing counters across the creatures you control. The real power of the card is when combined with counter doublers like Doubling Season, which triggers every time you move counters.

5 Ring Of Barahir / Sword Of The Animist Surge Foil – $299.99

An image of the Ring of Barahir Sword of the Animist card in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Pavel Kolomeyets

An ancient elven relic, originally owned by Galadriel’s brother, Finrod, would eventually pass through the kings of Númenor. Aragorn would inherit the ring before the events of the book and use it as an engagement ring for Arwen.

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In turning the ring into a card, it became an adaptation of the Sword of the Animist, a powerful piece of gear that helps you advance in basic lands. Just a few hits from a creature equipped with Barahir’s Ring can put you miles ahead of your opponents.

4 Weathertop/Desert Temple Surge Foil – $369.00

Weathertop Deserted Temple by Calder Moore

An ancient hilltop fortress in the very heart of Arnor, this is the lost kingdom of the Dúnedain that comprised much of northern Eriador. Here, Frodo was stabbed with a Morgul knife as the hobbit and Strider tried to set up camp on their way to Rivendell.

Fittingly, Weathertop takes on the abilities of the Abandoned Temple, a relic of a forgotten time whose true purpose is lost or forgotten by time and the people who live there. Deserted Temple helps you reset your lands by opening them up, allowing you to activate abilities twice in a row.

3 Glittering Caves Of Aglarond / Gemstone Caverns Surge Foil – $389.95

Glittering Caves of Aglarond Gemstone Caverns card image in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Jonas De Roj

Behind the massive Hornburg fortress, located in the valley of Helm’s Deep, lie the jeweled caverns of Aglarond. When the Deeping Wall blew up and the Hornburg was rammed, the people of Rohan sought refuge from the Orcs in these caverns.

The Shining Caverns of Aglaronda are brought to Magic as Gemstone Caverns, an unusual and powerful mana modifier. If it’s in your starting game and you’re not the starting player, you can start the game with it on the battlefield, banishing another card from your hand for the cost. Gemstone Caverns has been a staple of Magic for years, making it a valuable card for players.

2 Balin’s Tomb / Ancient Tomb – $411.00 USD

An image of the ancient Balin's Tomb map in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Anastasia Balkchina

Once the shining crown of the dwarven kingdoms, Moria was taken after the dwarves unwittingly awoke the Balrog from their slumber while mining for Mithril. Years later, Balin, one of the dwarves who traveled with Bilbo in The Hobbit, led a company that retook the mines.

Tragically, he would be killed while trying to take over the underground kingdom, shot in the back by an orc. Like an ancient tomb, it is a grim tribute to one of the bravest dwarves ever to venture into the mine.

1 Paths Of The Dead / Cavern of Souls Surge Foil – $512.98

An image of the Paths of the Dead Caverns of Souls card in Magic: The Gathering, with artwork by Logan Feliciano

When Isildur called upon the Mountain Men to join him in the fight against Sauron, after swearing to fight, they refused and were cursed to never rest until their oath was fulfilled. Centuries passed and the men of the mountain became wraiths until Aragorn called them back to fight Sauron.

Caverns of Souls is one of the most powerful lands to print, allowing you to choose a creature type when it comes into play. Caverns of Souls then helps fix your mana for those creature spells and makes those creatures unstoppable. The basis of almost all decks that deal with a typical theme, whether it’s a Commander or a Modern deck.

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