Every Weather Condition In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

As the seasons change – expectedly – ​​in A Tale of the Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life, there are many gameplay changes you will need to make as the weather conditions change. Your livestock enjoy spending sunny days in the pasture and you won’t have to water your crops on days when it rains, but snow doesn’t seem to benefit anyone except your winter crops.

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In our guide, we explain all the weather conditions and their meaning in It’s a Wonderful Life, including some information about which seasons you’re most likely to experience each weather condition in A Story of Seasons: It’s a Wonderful Life.


Weather conditions explained in a wonderful life

a farmer standing by her crops in the rain a story about the seasons a wonderful life the weather explained what the weather does

Since the game already has “seasons” in its name, this shouldn’t come as a surprise seasons and weather play a big role in your gameplay.

Different weather conditions mean different things, meaning your farmer has a dynamic sense of days that are easier and days that are harder. Furthermore certain weather is more common in certain seasons.

  • Spring most often has sunny days, but also has maximum chance of rain four seasons.
  • summer almost always will sunnywith a small but non-zero chance occasional rain.
  • Autumn it is quite similar to Summerbut for slightly higher chance of rainwho can turn to snow right at the end of the season.
  • winter that’s when you’ll see the most snow and the least possibility of sunny days.

The novelty in the 2023 remake is gradual change of seasons. Just like in real life, the seasons can get a little mixed up as they begin to change, meaning you may see snow at the end of autumnor a the rain subsides towards the end of spring.

Always check the weather on TV

While you will always have current weather shown in an icon on the clock in the upper right corner of the screen, you can check the six o’clock forecast on TV.

Weathermen will tell you which condition is most likely will take place over the next six hours, but, as in real life, are not always correct in their predictions.

rainy weather forecast on tv the story of the seasons a wonderful guide to life's weather conditions

Nevertheless, they are a great way to predict the weather they help you with their mostly correct predictions plan your day based on the weatheras different conditions mean different amounts of work.

If cloudyusually predicted by the weather channel which direction the clouds will move if they will, either against the sun or against the rain.

Every day when you have work ahead of you watering crops can be facilitated by arrival rainwhich is great, because using tools can drain more stamina in bad weather.

finally, animals become miserable in bad weather, and unhappy animals produce lower quality products. It’s best yes keep animals inside during inclement weather to prevent this.

All weather conditions and their effect on the wonderful life



Watering crops?

Effects on animals?

Drains more stamina?


A bright, average day in the Forgotten Valley.





Clouds mean a chance of rain, so keep an eye out for changing conditions!


Grey, wet days that are most common in spring.





Cold and dreary, everyone wants to stay inside during snowstorms.


Keep up to date with the forecast and check the icon in your menu often, and the weather will pose little to no challenge to your new life in the Forgotten Valley.

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