Street Fighter 6 Exploit Makes You Invulnerable To Throws, Works In Ranked

Street Fighter 6 players have discovered a new feat that makes you completely invulnerable to throws and most attacks. As AnimeIsntRealMyGuy wrote on Reddit: “If they throw you, you make the throw. If they’re meaty, you block meaty. If they’re flailing, you do nothing and don’t get penalized”. You can essentially automate all defenses, meaning you don’t have to react in real time to incoming attacks. You will simply be invulnerable.

This was discovered by @ChinaTownTBB on Twitter, and YouTuber VesperArcade uploaded a video discussing the bug to raise awareness and hopefully get Capcom to fix it as soon as possible. It doesn’t work for Modern Controls, so you’ll have to stick with the classic scheme if you really want to try it out. They show the AI ​​Cammy trying to perform punches and throws but just can’t as the bug allows Vesper to put up an “impenetrable defense”. The only possible way to hit is to attack from above, but the throws will not fall.


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“It will destroy Ranked,” Vesper said. “You thought I said Ranked was easy earlier. Now it will be a big mess when people find out about it. At least you know when you’re watching someone’s replay […] they cheat. For tournaments, they can make sure people don’t have this button assigned to them […] This is just the tip of the iceberg, just the beginning of what he can do.”

“All you have to do is hold 1+MK+HK+HP, then press and hold SAB when you wake up,” @ChinaTowNTBB said. “This will give a throw technique if you get thrown, or a block if you don’t get thrown. You have to make sure you hold the SAB for more than 5 frames. If you release too early, your throw animation will appear.”

Since the exploit allows you to block and dodge all throws and most attacks, Capcom was quick to respond. Earlier today, he tweeted: “We are aware of a bug related to throwing escapes in #StreetFighter6 and are currently investigating the situation. Once we discover the cause, we will fix the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our players.”

Given how breakable the exploit is, a patch is likely imminent. At least that’s what fans hope.

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