The Hardest Bosses In Grounded

In real life, bugs are the easiest to kill. Compared to our large human bodies, they are small and vulnerable. Since you’re pretty much shrunk down to bug size in Grounded, it’s fair game. Insects are incredibly strong for their size, and you can see that in action when you’re a small human.



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There are some pretty powerful enemies in the game like black ox bugs and spiders. The most important are the bosses you have to face. Some are optional and others are necessary to complete the game. Fortunately, the worst is optional combat.

7 Mantis

grounded two actors watching a manta ray through a window

Mant is one of the failed attempts of dr. Wendell Tully and is one of the bosses that you can only kill once. To find it, you’ll need to access the Undershed Lab in the upper courtyard, which means you need to have at least level three gear at this point.

Mant has fairly simple melee attacks, accompanied by a fire ant summon here and there. The worst part of this fight is when it throws out infected slags, but they can be avoided. When defeated, you get an interesting mutation that gives you a 2% chance to create a Manta to help you fight. Not the most useful Mutation, but unique and fun.

6 Mantis

grounded two players in a mantis fight

Mantis is one of the cooler bosses that takes a lot of work to unlock. You must first defeat the Hedge Broodmother and the Assistant Warden. The praying mantis can then only be found by crafting a summon item and using it in the flower pot on top of the shed in the upper courtyard.

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Again, this means you need at least level three tools to be in this area, as well as level three weapons! You can make some pretty cool gear with Mantis pieces. Upon defeat, you unlock the Predator Mutation Apex, which increases the damage and effects of weapons crafted from boss materials. Mantis attacks aren’t too brutal compared to others. The worst attack is a three hit combo that causes an AOE wave and knocks you down.

5 Assistant Director

two players in the middle of an assistant manager fight with lasers

Robots suck. Defeating the Assistant Manager is important to progress by unlocking items and other bosses. After defeating this boss, you’ll receive the Assistant Manager Key Card, which will unlock a series of labs around the map. During the fight, you have to face not only a powerful robot and his robot minions, but also lasers and electricity that are constantly shooting at you.

You can’t really control the battlefield and you have to choose your moves wisely to avoid imminent death. Although the combat is chaotic and you can die in the beginning, you will quickly realize that it is easy to stay alive if you stay in the middle of the pillar where the lasers are coming from. Believe it or not, there are worse fights.

4 The wasp queen

grounded queen wasp in den

The Wasp Queen is one of the hardest boss fights. To even unlock this fight, you have to go through the process of unlocking the entrance to the Brawny Boy Bin in the upper courtyard. During this fight, the wasp queen will use ranged attacks, melee attacks, and poison damage. She will also summon other wasps who do the same.

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What stings the wasp queen and all other wasps in the game is poison damage. You will start to lose health over time from your basic attacks. The best way to negate this poison damage is to use lifesteal weapons like Tick Macuahuitl and Mosquito Rapier. This way you will regain health during the attack.

3 Hedge Broodmother

grounded two players poisoned battle mother

When everyone first started playing Grounded, their biggest fear was running into a spider. Let’s face it. Most people don’t like spiders, even if we’re huge compared to them, especially if we’re the same size as them or smaller. The Hedge Broodmother is optional and is located in the trees or hedge near the Hedge Lab.

This is a powerful spider that will deal poison damage and summon smaller spiders that also poison you. Being able to block is important, but you can’t protect yourself from everything. This is another fight that would benefit from a weapon that has Life Steal.

2 Director Schmector

grounded two actors clashing director schmector

This is by far the hardest robot fight in the entire game. If you thought being an assistant manager was a challenge, you might want to look away. The optional fight with Director Schmector is similar in design to Assistant Director, but more chaotic.

If you just touch the lasers in this fight, you will die instantly. You can easily get caught in them because you tend to move off center and one of the boss attacks physically pushes you. If you go to the edge of the map where there is another laser, you will be pushed and captured.

1 Infected Broodmother

grounded player facing an infected broodmare

Again, spiders suck. If you thought a regular, powerful spider with venom was too much… you ain’t seen nothing yet. This fight is optional and is similar to the Hedge Broodmother, but this time she is infected and located in the Haze.

Infected Broodmother can only be unlocked by closing the Haze Canister, after which you must use a summon item. This boss does more than just poison damage – it also does Venom damage, which takes more health over time and cannot be protected by Mithradatism. This spider will throw spores, sting, use explosives, and damage your health when you fight it. It’s safe to say you’ll need a miracle to survive.

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