The new social app from Niantic is now available globally with the new Team Up feature

Niantic is an American game development company based in San Francisco that developed the hit AR game Pokemon Go. Developers have created many popular games, some are Ingress, Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and finally Pikmin Bloom. And now Niantic has started to roll out Campfire for all Pokémon GO players around the world. Campfire allows users to chat, notify other trainers in the area, and team up for raids that even include ranged raids.

Trainers can use the Team Up feature to join raids in Campfire

Local and remote Raid Battles are easy to locate thanks to the campfire. The easiest way to visit a Campfire and see all the nearby Raid Battles and Flare activity is to press the green map symbol on the Pokémon GO map located near its far right corner.

Trainers can now use the all-new Team Up feature to host or participate in Raids. At least in this version of Campfire, Team Up is blind to raid hunters, but it’s a tried and true way of finding local players to play together.

Along with Campfire for Pokemon GO trainers, Niantic is also launching the Team Up feature in the app, which connects trainers with other trainers in the area to form a team and engage in Raid Battles. This will make it even easier to find and join raids. During the upcoming Squirtle Community Day event on July 9th, trainers can also use Campfire to find nearby communities.

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Image via Niantic

Trainers can choose to host or join a raid using the menu or map view when accessing the Team Up menu. Trainers can optionally view melee raids they host or participate in and can use Team Up as Raid Battle’host to form a group with up to five other nearby trainers. After that, they won’t have to leave the group to ask them to add these trainers as friends. Additionally, they can return to the game and ask their new friends to join the raid after adding them as friends.

Image via Niantic

Additionally, Team Up allows trainers to participate in raids without hosting them. You simply select the “Join Raid” option and the host and other trainers will be selected for them so they can all enter the raid together. Coaches can even coordinate with the coaches in their group using Team Up by sending them preset messages.

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